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Mostly Very Good. - 1/22/2019
I’ve lived here 2 years. I’ve lived in several other (larger) cities in the U.S. and other countries. I’ve found Portland interesting, safe and fun. Local Govt is very politicslly liberal but the general population seems more “moderate Democrat”. As mentioned in another review, there is a strain of passive-agressiveness here, which runs counter to the upfront, openly combatative approach towards conflict resolution that I grew up with. Cost of living seems about average for an urban center in the first world. Still a lot cheaper than Seattle which is nearby, but going up steadily. There’s a decent art, entertainment and food scene. It has a really good airport. Weather is dreary, for sure. If you need a lot of sun, don’t settle down here. (Consider Austin, TX?) Then again, with climate change, Portland could have LA’s weather in 15 years’ time. Clean, fresh water is plentiful and we don’t have droughts or water restrictions. Access to nature is fantastic - 3 hours drive puts you in Read More

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The Moldy Basement Of Oregon - 12/16/2018
Born and raised here. Have always hated it here. A city with 80%+ cloud cover for 280 days of the year needs redeeming qualities to make it desirable. The people here all spew the same I heart PDX rhetoric in delusional solidarity. Read More

This place sucks. - 12/1/2018
If you want to see first hand what failed liberal policy’s look like, move to Portland Oregon. Read More

Unlivable unless your rich. - 11/22/2018
I was born and raised here and it was a beautiful place. Now, its almost unlivable. Too many people moving here and in the last 4 years rent has risen hundreds of dollars...it was $1000 for my studio apartment when i left...whrn i fist moved in it was $535. Homeless population is growing to outrageous numbers. And not to mention crime is rampant. Its become so over Read More

Over rated - 11/18/2018
I’ve lived here 5 years and like it less each day. The people are inconsiderate of others. The homeless issue is out of control and if you work downtown you get yelled at and harassed by homeless on a regular basis which is scary. Despite the high taxes, the schools have low graduation rate, roads are horrible, and the police force is understaffed resulting in high petty crime rate. Only good thing is the proximity to the mountains and ocean. Lots of outdoor activities and summer weather is great. Rest of the year the weather is Read More

Ppl Like PDX Because Being Sh*tty is Encouraged - 9/21/2018
Born and raised in Portland, Oregon and have always hated it.
People move and drive in slow motion here but still get really offended if you move faster than they do.
All anyone talks about is "diversity" but yet they live in this very homogenous bubble.
The diehard "locals" don't want outsiders coming here because outsiders can, and will, offer an honest depiction of the city and so many people here have crafted their entire identity around Portland, and the honesty would shatter their entire existence.
Passive Aggressiveness and hardcore underhanded sabotage reign supreme here. It is a city full of entitled, arrogant cowards who deep down hate themselves more than anything but dont realize it so they're just shamelessly arrogant and judgmental.
The men here are whipped beta male sexists who secretly hate their domineering female partners but who were also raised by mothers who dominated their fathers, so they literally don't know that they hate them. Read More

think twice. - 9/18/2018
the only thing good in Portland is the people.i been living in this beautiful place for over 25 years the last 4 years all of the beauty is gone. city is under develop, homelessness is a growing problem and the city is ignoring it and not only that. they simply push them to the lowest income area creating more and more stress in the community, highways are not developing for fast enough to compensate for the super large grow that we have seeing housing is creating an amazing bubble for housing.good job governor brown for let us experience worst time for Read More

Perfect City for Urbanists - 8/6/2018
City is full of energy. Walkable downtown, so many passionate small business owners, and the city cares about getting rid of cars and embracing cycling / transit / more economically friendly alternatives. Plenty of jobs available and housing is still on the low side for a progressive Read More

Keep Portland Weird - 7/26/2018
I just love this city. There is so much to do, so much art, great food, great people... I'm so glad I moved Read More

Keep Portland Weird - 7/26/2018
I just love this city. There is so much to do, so much art, great food, great people... I'm so glad I moved Read More

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11358 NE Everett St
Bed 4 | Bath 2.0 |

DO Not Gps 16121 Se Spokane Ct
Bed 3 | Bath 2.5 |

7205 NW 168th Ave # USVVKD
Bed 3 | Bath 3.0 |

5324 NE Wasco St
Bed 3 | Bath 1.0 |

708 NE 127th Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |

17760 NW Reindeer Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3.0 |

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