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Portland went from fame to flame in only 3 years - 6/13/2021
We moved to Portland for work and lived there for 3 years. At first we thought it was great: beautiful trees, flowers, restaurants, breweries, shopping, etc.

We learned to deal with rain, snow, ice, etc. Gloom goes with bloom.

Then the homeless problem started to grow. Our car was broken into, my office was surrounded by tents, needles and poop started appearing everywhere.

The City, county, metro, rail, and schools all started bonds that saw our already crazy property tax go up by 40% in 3 years. Almost 2% of market value.

Then they passed an income tax, art tax...etc. But the streets remained full of potholes, garbage everywhere and graffiti slowly started to cover every surface.

Covid hit and the city shut down. Restaurants, breweries, and shops closed. Then the riots started. Downtown became a war zone at night. Everything beautiful was destroyed. Nothing was safe. Gun crime shot through the roof. Homicides were up Read More

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Portland was beautiful until everyone moved here - 6/8/2021
Every out of stater who moved here and devastated Portland's housing market, infrastructure & resources are more than welcome to leave. It would go a long way to fix the problems plaguing Portland - just a few short years ago Portland was beautiful, much more affordable , cleaner, safer and friendlier but then everyone just kept moving here untealistically expecting a fairly small city that was already grappling with dearth of resources & pushed it all over the top. Fact is all of you people who had to move here gentrified what affordable housing Portland had and it's you people that complain and criticize but also happen to be the people who created all the garbage, homelessness and violence! You've driven housing costs sky high and stressed every resource to its breaking point and have the nerve to complain about how crappy it is now and none of you seem to correlate it with the massive influx of people like you who came in droves and wrecked it. Yes, people will be angry reading Read More

Portland is great for open minds. - 6/2/2021
I've lived in Portland for 6 years and I love it. Yes, it's liberal and progressive. That's a good thing in my life. It's a city in change, trying out new things that sometimes work and sometimes don't. That's also good to me. Most of the people in Portland proper are open-minded, easy-going and a mix of races though it's majority white, the suburbs south and southeast east are a lot more conservative and white, the suburbs west are fairly typical upper middle class white with quite a nice community of South Asian mixed in. The dining is the best I've experienced with lots of interesting food carts and a wide range of vegan to steak house available to try out. I've lived in several cities in Southern Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Washington with New York City thrown in there for awhile in the last 30 years and Portland is by far the best overall. The grey winter weeks take some getting used to but are mild and the rains help keep the surroundings nice and green Read More

Sickly city - 4/20/2021
Can you spell D U M P?
If you enjoy hordes of acephalic liberal democrats, looting, high taxes, enormous housing costs, big brother government, homeless bums and drug addicts, shootings, spray paint on every surface in sight, protests about everything and anything, and little rule of law, Portland is for you. It's become the CHOP city of the nation.
Yes, Democrats...we are laughing at your city dump. It's one of my favorite places to Read More

good for established persons, but inequitable. - 2/14/2021
I've lived here from 2018 to late 2019, and then came back in late 2020. I'm going to try to be as factual about my experience and what I perceived here as possible.
2018 and 19 was definitely a different experience than 2020 to now. I rented in the SW area close to the highway. The public transit has a very large and accessible system that can take you to most higher density places you might need to go. The west side's vibe is definitely a more luxurious and forefronts more nature and higher incomes. there is also a big difference in the amount of people in roommate situations and house/space sharing situations than in the east. its a bit mixed in downtown. I currently live in the east side and there is a big difference in the vibes here. There's a very heavy millennial and shops/business influence that is good and bad. closer to where NE and SE meet theres an imbalance I feel. Downtown is way more prominent that way with the big money stores and inhabitants vs. the very large Read More

Complaining in Portland is like a fine wine - 2/3/2021
I've lived on the East Coast, in the Southwest, and in Alaska, and in Oregon overall for about 7 years. Even as someone who is from the more neurotic Northeastern culture, I underestimated just how much people would complain about everything when I got to Portland. Yes, there are social problems here, but not more than in your average large Midwestern or Southern city. Yes, it's not a place with the kind of wealth you now find even in Seattle. And yes, it really is gray and/or rainy for a *lot* of the year.

But unlike other places I've lived, behind the complaining is a desire for change and there are the movements and actions that can and are leading to actual change -- now, if you want to move to a place only to make sure that it stays exactly as it is when you arrive, Portland is not the place for you -- very probably in the Midwest you can find something closer to what you're looking at (the Twin Cities in Minnesota are underrated in my opinion). But if what Read More

not safe anymore - 1/26/2021
lived in Portland all my life recently moved to Florida once they let rioters loose on the town its not safe and de funding the police had made it even worse gun shoots everyday i was beat by BLM but the charges were dropped by the DA don't not move here Read More

Hard No coming from NYC Native - 1/12/2021
I lived in NYC for 30 years and moved out here about 6 years ago. It was actually ok when we first moved here although you could see the downward spiral starting. I can't tell you enough how bad it is living in Portland and it has nothing to do with the weather. The irony is the weather is actually not that bad...beautiful weather from Spring to Fall. Portlands main issue is politics and it's a big one. The mayor and the people who surround him are ineffectual and just don't know what they are doing. This is not a rant just a heads up that you will encounter a large population of homelessness along with dirty streets and no policing or enforcement of any kind. They recently legalized...I mean decriminalized all drugs, including heroine, cocaine, meth etc.. . If you are a super bleeding heart liberal type of person this place might appeal to you but even then it could be a hard "pill" to swallow. If you have kids stay away as this is no place to raise children. Cost of living is on par Read More

Where’s this hand basket headed? - 1/5/2021
Born and bred here, and have lived many other places as well... Truth be told, Portland has gone to hell. Drugs, gangs, shootings, violent crimes taking over the greater PDX area. Homelessness is destroying neighborhoods (not genuinely dislocated people, but those who move to PDX to take advantage of the perks here). Anarchy is tolerated, destroying businesses and our downtown. I’ve had liberals say to me, “I’m a liberal, but this place has gotten TOO DAMN LIBERAL! It’s not working anymore!” They’re right ~ Portland is broken. In addition to these, it’s gotten REALLY expensive to live here ~ especially housing. Lockdowns may affect that as more small businesses go out and people can’t pay their mortgage. So sad... Read More
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welcome to the perfect liberal progressive city - 1/3/2021
as you drive into portland from I5 south you get closer to Portland you get graffiti walls like you just drove into hell on both side of the freeway, thats your first thing you see , then as you get closer into portland you see the homeless everywhere, and i do mean everywhere, from downtown to Laurelhurst neighborhoods to powell blvd to hwy 205 out foster road . you got it .. everywhere. it is a SH>> hole . created by liberal progressives for ALL to have that equality they so want called POOR, its the progressive way to wealth.. the equalness of it .. thats the wealth of it all. nobody has much , nobody will get much and you wont be allowed to have it UNLESS the government says you can.. your liberal social justice at work here. They have a great family services who break up homes though! cause the blue haired wtf is that person says you are unfit to be a parent.
You will also get some of the highest taxation in america on your personal income AND even now scorps Read More

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