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Racist crap town!!!! - 9/20/2020
What a dump!!!.....nothing in this town. It's dieing town. Kids on drugs because they have no future in this crap town. No real jobs, logging is dead. So many racist people also. It's a white trash paradise here. Meth, blue collar jobs and ****ty education. Your average conservative town. Read More

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Sad Dereliction with hate a plenty - 8/10/2020
No medical care (what's there is a joke), filthy downtown complete with drugs being shot up, lame politicians, quasi-agencies and evil galore, college shootings (#UCCstrong), hated by patriots as Oregon whimps, hated by liberals as yee-haws, worst groceries ever (KrogervsWalartvsCostco), classless, no night time entertainment, NO DINING! (Restaurants SUCK and are dirty (the bathrooms are gross city wide), Good old boys club and they are dumb, BLM and evil (see UN agenda), dumb locals in general. Poor education. SAD! SAD! SAD! Read More

Enjoy Roseburg - 8/17/2018
I grew up here, moved to Portland for seven years, and then moved back. I love the outdoors - hunting, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding. Roseburg is surrounded with natural beauty and is a perfect place to experience nature. My kids and I love living here. There are several nice parks, and we have a thriving church family.
People here actually talk to me. After living in the city being in a more friendly welcoming community has been great Read More

Seems to be a Senior Retirement area. - 6/27/2017
Great place for Seniors with wonderful boutique restaurants in downtown, bus transit and two hour senior trips to nearby coastal areas, larger city recreation; opera, Broadway plays and such, beautiful drives to the north and south Umpqua River.

As far as what the previous writer; Nila , said about Roseburg, I have to agree at least 80%. I believe it is the rooted ignorance of the people who were born here. Perhaps as more EDUCATED people settle here, we might see progress of true Christian behavior of love and acceptance of our fellow man/woman/child. Until then, I hope Nila and people like her STAY Read More

Roseburg, Oregon - 11/13/2016
I have lived in Roseburg, Oregon for over 16 years moving from Portland, in 2001. I did enjoy living here, the scenery is beautiful and the fishing is some of the best in Oregon. But when it comes to ethnic diversity and acceptance of others who have different viewpoints. there is a huge gap. Roseburg inhabitants are mostly white and very conservative. You are also in the Bible belt of Oregon. If you are of some other belief than Christian You might as well keep looking for somewhere else to live.

I don't know how many times I have heard Racist whites refer to people of color by the N word . The only other non white people I have seen are the owners of a Chinese restaurant. Forget about finding a good job in Roseburg, unless you want to work in a lumber mill or local fast food place.

If you are elderly and of retirement age and are well off financially Roseburg will welcome you with open arms. They do a big business in retirement living. Read More

One of the more scenic places in the Country. - 1/12/2016
Roseburg is a small town with great scenery and ample recreation opportunities. We're close to several World Class fisheries, Crater Lake National Park, and the Oregon coast. Read More

quality of life - 2/20/2014
While Roseburg is a safe town, it can be hard for new people to integrate into the community unless they have family here or are in a church group. Being somewhat ethnic may cause problems. Most here are people who have lived here all or most of their lives and have family. It is mostly conservative, religious fundamentalists. Very pretty location, rainy in the winter, mostly mild climate. Prices for dental and health care are higher than in larger cities, often insurance and discount card dental providers of quality are hard to impossible to find. Public transportation exists, needs a lot of improvement. Overall, unless you have family, church it is hard to find social connections.  Read More

RE Avoid this Place - 1/11/2014
The burglary rate here is extremely high. I checked the stats on one site that said the chances were about one in twenty five that a person will eventually get burglarized. (about four times the state average) When people try to say exactly whats wrong here, sometimes they will have trouble defining it (not to be rude).
The whole Conservative/Liberal paradigm doesn't apply very well to this area. Many people will ACT Conservative or Liberal according to who they are talking to at that moment. And you cannot evaluate ACTORS who have shifting personalities. People who think of themselves as Liberal may label the problems they have with people here as being a Conservative thing. But in reality its more complicated than that.
The Roseburg area does have a history of white supremacy. And I think that does carry over to today. Also there is high drug use in the area.
This links to the burglary problem. There are also underground groups involved with the occult. And this Read More

Local Politics and Culture in Roseburg - 12/31/2013
I have lived here for a long time. Things have gotten worse, better and worse. I can not label the culture here using normal terms like Conservative or Liberal. I found it doesnt apply here. To me the culture is like a Union. Either you belong, or you dont. I consider myself Conservative, yet I dont fit in at all. Roseburg has a very wild side that some years ago I tried to fit into. But then things just got way too weird. There is crime here. Repeat..THERE IS CRIME HERE! If you get to know too many people on the wild side, it can carry over and stalk you!
Forget the tobacco chewing! There are a lot of meth and heroin busts and recently a string of 4 murders in a few days (That was in Douglas County) For a largely rural area, creepy things seem to be brewing beneath. Have you seen the movie Home Grown with Billy Bob Thornton and Jamie Lee Curtis? Well, Its sorta like that.
I have also had some pretty bad problems at different medical facilities here. Crude sexual jokes Read More

Avoid this crap hole like the plague - 2/9/2013
There are no jobs here and the few that people have they are paid very little. The city has huge problems with unemployment, high school drop outs, drug addiction, and crime. If you're a member of the KKK, a meth addict, and/or tea party member, you'll probably feel quite at home here. They recently shut down an elementary school and there's talk of having school only run for 4 days a week. With the large number of high school drop outs, not sure why the city officials think this is a great idea. People here are extremely backwards (think backwoods, gun-toting, tobacco chewing conservative). They seem to be about 60 years behind the times--this could be due to the fact that much of the population is comprised of senior citizens. Just read over the crime, education, salary, and unemployment statistics if you don't believe this review. This town is dying out quite literally.  Read More

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97471 97470

150 Carrin Layne Ct
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1512 NW Cherry Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 3

541 Dawson Rd
Bed 2 | Bath 2

2007 Castle Ave
Bed 7 | Bath 4

Bed 3 | Bath 1

733 NE Knoll Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 2

285 White Oak Ln
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