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Rain and grey skies... That's Salem - 4/20/2019
Moved here five years ago for work. It was great at first but the rain and gray skies eventually become very depressing. If it's not raining the sky is grey and ugly. Summers are great but that is only for three months. Salem itself has a lot of parks and rivers but not much else. Very boring town for events and outings.  Read More

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Don't like Salem? Consider - 3/18/2015
I agree with the point that Salem is not for everyone but it could be worse. Not just worse, a lot worse.

I've lived in Arizona all my life. That said, let me tell you some things that I've noticed visiting Salem several times. The last few times I visited the grocery store there I was asked if I would like assistance out with my groceries. The last time someone in Arizona asked me that was twenty years ago. Everyone stops for you in parking lots to let you cross. Do that in Arizona or California, you're as good as dead. Crime is somewhat high in Salem. However, not anywhere near most cities across the nation. Also, everyone tries to talk to you. In my home state everyone is not friendly like in Salem or Oregon.

The things that I like most about in Salem or Oregon, I guess requires some attention and maturity. Let me explain. Theres tons to do there like hiking, fishing, festivals, events, breweries, wine tasting, boating, beaches the list goes on. I can Read More

Weather - 12/27/2014
Salem has very consistent weather throughout the year. Quite a bit of fog in the winter, and some rain, and little if any snow.  Read More

Prisons - 5/25/2013
Someone on this site commented that they didn't understand why there were so many prisons in Salem. I had a business in the Salem (outlying area) and knowing what I know today, I never would have opened it in this area. I read some time ago, that when the Oregon Constitution was written, it was mandated that all the prisons be located in the Capitol City of Salem. As a result the poor settled in Marion County. FORTUNATELY The trend is to locate new prisons in different areas.Salem has said that it has done its share in the past and other communities need to take on the responsibility or share in having prisons located in their area. So over time there will be fewer prisons in Salem. More businesses are locating here giving the city a more diversified climate. So now you know :0)  Read More

We are moving to Salem - 11/14/2011
Hi, we are moving to Salem next year, sight unseen and I was wanting to know what parts of Salem are the good neighborhoods and where the bad neighborhoods are as we have young children. Also can anyone tell me which schools are the better ones?  Read More

Salem Rocks! - 12/24/2010
I moved to Salem in June 2010 with a friend. Unfortunately our friendship ended and I was'nt able to find a job so I had to move away with regret. I loved the 5 months I was there and would give anything the world to be able to live in Salem I was so happy with the friendly people,the natural beauty was breathtaking I loved the little coffee shops,micro breweries, the vineyards...What can I say the countryside is awesome and the ocean is only like 65 mile away.Of course there are good and bad people everywhere but I found that most people I met were friendly.I love the climate as well.It is my dream to one day move back and live my life in Salem. I left my heart in Salem...I Love, Read More

Salem is fine with me - 9/6/2010
Hi, I have lived in Salem for 11 years. I lived in Portland the other 35 yrs of my life. My husband and I moved here for a teaching job, not out of choice. Salem has always been put-upon, put-down, and just plain bad mouthed. It is really ridiculous. It isn't that all of the criticisms are off the mark, but some of them really truly are! And generalizations abound. It is amazing how one person can live in a town and have X experience and another in the same town has Y experience, totally different.

We live in an inner-city neighborhood in a 100 yr old house. This neighborhood has always been "on the other side of the tracks". Very mixed income, mostly low income and plenty of people on SS etc. There are some half-way houses a few blocks away. The prison is about a mile or two away. But guess what? We have had NO problem with crime, I have a beautiful garden in my front yard, great neighbors all around me. I am walking distance to the Capitol (known as one of Read More

small town with potential still hampered by sticks - 1/9/2010
I grew up in Salem. It's a small town at less than 150,000 people but feels much smaller for its lack of cohesiveness and overall vibe. The pros are that it's an attractive town, amidst rolling hills and plenty of trees and flowers. It's in a central location: an hour from Portland, two at most from the beach and three from great skiing, not to mention the outdoor playground surrounding it that offers mountain biking, hiking, rafting, climbing, and hot springs. It's in the valley so it's rich in agriculture and the local food movement in Oregon is gaining serious ground. There are beloved microbreweries and wineries as well as the requisite coffee houses, but for some reason Salemites seem to prefer chain restaurants and strip malls -- thus the slim pickings on good, locally owned restaurants and shops (though they exist, and need your support). The area boasts mild winters that may or may not offer snow, a long growing season, and hot and dry summers. For kids, it's somewhat Read More

No Thank You - 10/23/2009
I was born and raised in this city. When I graduated I high tailed it out of the entire state. Oregon is a beautiful state. Salem in my opinion is the armpit of Oregon. Things to know about Salem, Oregon:

- Bad Investment: The real estate actually DEPRECIATES!
- Scary People: There are half way houses which facilitate unusually scroungy looking people who walk down the streets talking to themselves (something I have only witnessed in Salem).
- High Crime: The crime is horrible!
- Weather: It rains ALOT
- Jobs: There are none! Plan on commuting 45 minutes to Portland just to work a part time job at Starbucks.
- In my opinion this town is NOT for people with families, or anyone for that matter.

Honestly, I feel badly for anyone who is still left in the depths of the Read More

climate - 9/9/2009
Salem's climate is sunny half the year and cloudy/rainy the other half. It has a definite four seasons, which is nice, but if you don't like the rain and clouds (which does make for beautiful spring/summer) then this probably isn't the place for Read More

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