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Yes to The Carolinas But No to Myrtle - 1/4/2019
We were looking for a new city, and Myrtle Beach had had enough press that we were curious to check it out. A 30something and 40something couple, both of us have travelled extensively, both nationally and internationally. Our goal was to find warmer weather, a lovely historic home, an artsy and creative city where prices were still affordable.

Myrtle absolutely delivered on the warmer weather and being near to the beach is an added bonus. There are extensive golfing opportunities and lots of outlet malls and chain restaurants. If you are considering retirement, this may well be a city that you would want to consider. The newer communities offer some great layouts and nice amenities. Although it is true that traffic increases seasonally, that’s still infinitely preferable to the year round gridlock of DC, NYC and LA- all places that we have lived.

As a younger culturally minded couple who is considering starting a family, however, Myrtle just wan’t for us. We Read More

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Pro's and Con's of living in Myrtle Beach - 11/25/2018
If I could give 4.5 instead of 5 I would because Id like to see the traffic flow better with more red lights and see more money put in to landscaping the roadways and beautification projects. That's my honest opinion.

I personally love living in Myrtle Beach and can not think of better place I would want to live. We considered North Carolina Beaches, and Florida as well.

When making a move to another state it is important to have a contingency plan, 6 months of savings, and stable employment. I think some people don't plan accordingly and equate their problems to where they live and are always looking for a better opportunity.

That being said, Myrtle Beach is a tourist town and we get about 14 million visitors a year. If you can't deal with the extra traffic during tourist season or the fact that seasonal shops close up for winter then you should rethink your decision to move to Myrtle Beach. Some have commented that the town is dirty. I Read More

Police/Gastapo - 7/27/2018
Dropped off my wife and daughter to get an ice cream and 1230 am That’s right after midnight. Drove around the block to go back and get them stopped to pick the. You p behind a van with a group of people cop drives up on his motorcycle and tells me to move. My wife and daughter were getting in the vehicle he says move. I said ok their doors are open. He proceeds to write me a ticket for 128 dollars. That’s good for the tourist industry.
Great Read More

Myrtle Beach Sucks (If you live here) - 2/18/2018
I lived here about 10 years and I am about over it. I strongly suggest you NOT move here, especially if you are a single gay man like me. For starters, there is zero culture here. Absolutely none. Trying to find anything to do culturally related outside of going to bars is "fruitless". You will find it is very very lonely here as a gay man. Most of any of the gay men here are already taken, or not worth your time talking to.

The population is going up drastically here year after year. That means an increase of traffic. It also means an increase of accidents, and this place has plenty of those! My insurance has gone up year after year because of it. My insurance costs more here than it did living in an even more highly populated area.

The wages here are ridiculously low. And don't let the "cost of living" facade fool you. Yes the cost of living here is lower than some other areas in the north, but the wages here don't come close to make up for Read More

wonderful place - 10/28/2017
love the variety of restaurants and entertainment the beach offers great place to go to hang out with friends or family.

joeyRead More

Terrible Place to Live - 8/16/2017
I have lived in Myrtle Beach for 20 years (since I was 4). I know all of the ins and outs. I know what it is like to be a child here, a teen here, and now an adult. And there are a few things I can tell you:

If you are planning on raising kids here, ESPECIALLY teens, please quickly reconsider. All of the high schools are riddled with drug issues/overdose deaths, STDS and teen pregnancy. There are very few teens that are actually able to focus on school and stay on the right path. It is not an easy thing to do, here. There are SO MANY drugs in this city.

If you have a lot of money and can afford to live in either Murrells Inlet, Litchfield, or Pawley's Island, then you are in great shape. Those are all great alternative, but they are only affordable to those with a substantial amount of money. (I'm talking at least 400k for a house).

If you do not have copious amounts of money, you can find very affordable housing everywhere else, in Myrtle Read More

Great, but attracts rednecks from the Midwest - 6/7/2017
It's a great vacation destination considering it's drivable from the Midwest and cheap. The water temperature is warm, and the weather is pretty good for as far north as it is. Has really good outlet shopping. Most of the locals are pretty nice; the few I've encountered that aren't are generally transplants (i.e. Owners of Seablue Restaurant, who are really from Philadelphia and harassed me relentlessly over a negative online review.....this is one place to avoid).

The only real negative is because it is cheap and drivable you get a lot of hillbillies from Ohio and Indiana. Indeed, Ohio and Indiana are where the hillbillies are, not always the south. They stick out like a sore thumb because they are so poorly dressed and uncouth. We were even told at one restaurant that we fooled them into thinking we were locals because we didn't look like the rest of the Read More

Not for some. - 4/1/2017
I think the city itself is fine, we didn't find a high amount of crime, druggies, etc. The area is just not affordable enough for my husband and me, who are retired but not wealthy. During the off season it is especially nice, as prices go down and there are alot less people. This area thrives on tourists, the economy is largely based off of it. I would recommend this place to those independently well off, or retirees who have high income- those who are well off financially will do better here because if you want work here you need to remember tourist city, some businesses close all together in the off season so there are less jobs and the jobs that are available are primarily service oriented to cater to tourists. Read More

I'm ready to get out. - 1/16/2017
I moved here back in 2009 after my mom convinced me that this is a "great place to live". When I came down 8 years a go, it was a lot more bearable to live here. Since then, crime has skyrocketed, population has skyrocketed, and the cost of living has drastically risen while pay is stagnant and hasn't gone up in probably 2 decades or more.

There is ZERO culture in this city. Im sure its partly due to the fact that this area is less than 100 year old, and no one stays long enough to create any sort of culture here. Since I moved here, I think the population has DOUBLED, and it has a growth of at least 100,000 people moving in per YEAR. The roadways here cannot keep up with the demand of all the traffic, and any sort of roadwork done around here takes at least 5 years to complete.

If you enjoy plain uninteresting corporatized commercialized buildings and corporations, this place is for you. That is another reason why there is no culture here. There is Read More

An un-biased review - 1/8/2016
I have lived here for over a year now and I have mixed reviews to give on living here, so hopefully you can get some perspective on Myrtle Beach as a place to call home.

I am 31, male, with a fiance, no children. I moved here 18 months ago. My background is in sales, primarily mortgage banking. I did not move out here with a job. I worked for some pretty large companies in New England and Phoenix, came here to reconnect with an old girlfriend and change of scenery out of the desert.

I will agree with previous posters about the job market. It is a niche market, lots of service industry professionals and privately owned/family business here. There is no retail mortgage lending here, only local book of business operators here and that was going to work for me so after assessing the local business opportunities, I decided to get in to Timeshare sales for one of the largest resort companies in the US. I do well in my new career, being brand new I earned Read More

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705 Caffery Ct
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6342 Circle Ln
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