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The short and sweet - 11/24/2020
Like the old saying goes: for weather I'll take Dallas; for people I'll take Read More

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High Crime Rate - 11/16/2020
Dallas is a racist run City the focus is on not crime rate its focused on how many White Male officers can be murdered by BLM and how many White male officers can be set up and brought into court using the courts for prohibited discrimination and naming roads or gang tagging roads in front of PD stations to run out and discriminate against White Male officers and to shame them / this fear tactic has been going on used by DEMO ran City focused not on running the city and not on crime rate but on running off and using the courts for prohibited discrimination and being in GANGS to do it/ as a result the crime rate is sky high they brought in racism and the city is a mess as is the rest that are following how Dallas runs its Read More

Even after years away, I've no desire to return. - 9/21/2020
Left DFW almost a decade ago after living there for a similar length of time. Came back earlier this year (pre-COVID) for a couple days. We didn't rent a car and depended on DART to get us everywhere. If you're thinking you can live in DFW easily without a car, think again. We ended up having to take an Uber once because the trains to the burbs stopped running at 8 or 9pm. Uptown/Victory Plaza had some nice infill, but Downtown Dallas was still a dead zone. I imagine it's even worse now. The walkability, especially in the burbs, is still terrible. Even though a lot has changed (much for the better), I'll never go back. The climate sucks balls and scenery-wise it's an incredibly ugly and bland place to Read More

Dallas, TX - time to leave for a bluer state. - 3/29/2020
I’m a gay man living in Dallas, Texas for the past 21 years, recently retired from education and working in sales for 25% of the salary I made in education. It’s difficult to find another teaching position in my area because of my experience and school districts that discriminate based on how much they’d have to pay an older, experienced teacher with an advanced degree.
Traffic congestion is horrible here despite almost constant roadwork to improve roads. The choices made by the designers of the road systems are not smart.
Large GLTBQ presence in the metroplex including The Turtle Creek Chorale once lead by Dr. Timothy Seelig, until he’d had enough of the organization’s board of directors. The organization was then led by two under achievers that were told to resign or they would be fired. This was because of the horrible choices they made for the organization. The community’s moral compass is the largest predominantly gay and lesbian church in the world, The Cathedral Read More

Dallas gets a thumbs down - 12/17/2019
I've lived in several cities and Dallas was the first I had a problem with continuous wage theft. Thankfully Texas has a wage theft act and I was able to file complaints with the Texas Wage and Labor Dept and after investigating my paycheck would be cut from the Texas Comptroller out of Austin.

That's the weirdest thing in the world. Looking at your check and it shows 'Texas Comptroller'.

The companies were super slick in how they would do the wage theft. One company in particular signed me up, without my knowledge, for a retirement account. When the company laid us off eventually after losing their contract - I went to pull out the money in the retirement account and ING (now called Voya) told me that I would only get about 25% of what the account held. I was shocked. I asked why. The ING agent said that after ING took its percentage, the administrator also took a percentage and the administrator was taking about 60% of what the account held.
Read More

Strong white supremacy culture. Adverse to black a - 12/17/2019

Remember the news reports showing the rich white college students from Dallas, TX gleefully singing about hanging blacks in trees and the multiple racist incidents on college campuses in Dallas. That's not even the half of it.

You have these people as managers and supervisors running the corporations in Dallas. And they act the same. Woe to any black employee that finds themselves with a coworker or manager like this. They are powerless.

That is IF they can even get hired.

Dallas has a strong white supremacy culture. It's very strong. Third Reich strong.

I've lived in other cities and they all dealt with some racism. But its uniquely different in Dallas. Its stronger and more embedded in Dallas.


Low wages.


Most minorities, especially blacks, dont get competitive pay. Whites get it. Read More

Hell on earth - 12/15/2019
Wow! These crime statistics are straight b.s! The crime was so high this past summer, we called out "Bloody Summer" almost 300 people were murdered! The Answer to the out of control crime? State troopers and sheriff's were sent in to over police densely populated areas of minorities, instilling fear and further mistrust of the already shaky relationship between community and police force.
Yep. Drive bys, robberies, home invasions, road rage, drunken driving, no insured motorists, hit and runs, you name it, Dallas has it and is the straight up KING.
Did I mention the seemingly never-ending traffic jams? Boy. Rush hour starts at 635 at like 2p and doesn't end until after 7p. Starts at 3p on 30, and btw NEVER get on 30 during state fair season or the games. You'll want to hang yourself. It's that bad.
Cost of living through the roof. A one bdrm apt in a decent part of town? 1300+ if you can find one. You can always live in the hood for around 800 if you can stand Read More

Homeless problem, pollution, horrible weather - 11/21/2019
After 13 hellish years in the Dallas area, we have finally had enough. I'm grasping for something positive to say about it, but I'm coming up blank. It is one of the worst places imaginable to live in America, and I say this with the authority of someone that has lived in areas from coast-to-coast over the years.

I come from Alabama, where there is racism, sexual discrimination, high crime and general prejudice against anyone that isn't rich. Dallas is worse. Much, much worse. Everything about it is ugly.

Our kids were older when we moved here, and my wife and I thank our lucky stars that we didn't have to raise them here when they were little. My reasons range from the poor schools, the racism, the high crime, the dangers of physical altercations when some good 'ol boyah's kid will deck your kid for not being republican. It is that bad.

The thing here is that most of the population that spends a good portion of its paychecks on Read More

Dallas is not what people make it out to be. - 9/6/2019
I've lived in Dallas for 10 years. I've struggled financially the majority of that time. I'm a college educated African American by the way.

I can only find work in customer service. I've had several highly educated and experienced friends move to Dallas and they have all left within a few months. They were being offered jobs far under their skillset. My friend with an MBA in Finance was being offered positions that paid $11 and $12 an hour. She moved to another state and immediately found a position paying close to $60K per year.

Another friend moved to Dallas with a degree in Finance. He was being offered positions that paid $9 an hour. He moved back to Boston and found a position paying around $60K.

One of my coworkers relocated to Dallas with his wife and child. His degree and background were in I.T. and Software Programming. He applied at the company I worked for which was an Ecommerce company that hired a lot of programmers. He was told to Read More

Toxic, Polluted, Crowded, Boring & Expensive - 8/10/2019
Moving to Dallas TX was the worst mistake of my life. If I could give zero or negative stars I would. This review is from August 2019. Housing costs have skyrocketed in the 10 years since I moved here, so don’t rely on old reviews that talk about the “great cost of living” as that is now a thing of the past.

There so much bad I don’t know where to begin. I’ll start with what was the worst for me in particular.

Greedy slumlords everywhere. If you can afford a new house in a nice gated area you will have a better experience. From my experience and from reading reviews online, all Dallas apartments are run by slumlords. Even the newer ones. No oversight or regulations for the owners and no protections for the tenants. Thousands of new apartments are everywhere but they are overpriced at about $1500+ for a one bedroom, $1300+ for a 400sf studio, and they’re very cheaply built with breaking appliances, paper thin walls, fire alarms constantly going off for hours Read More

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