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Dallas has something for everyone - 1/23/2019
Great Weather year-round. One of the best places in the country if you love BBQ, good food, and great sports! Folks will complain about traffic and being "too urban" but those are also the folks who will pick out one thing to complain about no matter what it is. Forgot to mention... it has one of the largest airports in the country (not to mention we actually have two within 20 miles of each other), we have one of fastest growing economies with a number of large companies incorporated here. We have some of the best nightlife and performing arts here in Dallas as well. Unfortunately, I feel a lot of the negative reviews here are people that have moved here (for whatever reason) and are now homesick. If that's the case don't bash our city because you prefer another because its home to you. Read More

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WARNING: Think Twice Before Moving to Dallas - 11/24/2018
I was born and raised in Chicago and lived in San Francisco for about a decade when I found myself watching too many HGTV shows and seeing low-priced, brand-new houses with granite countertops, spacious master bedrooms, and walk-in closets. I grew up in a cramped townhouse in Chicago and as an adult in an even crampier apartment in San Francisco. When I had a job opportunity in Dallas, I dreamed of being able to do laundry in my home instead of carrying it over to the laundromat. I dreamed of being able to put my dishes in the dishwasher instead of having to hand wash my dishes because a dishwasher in a San Francisco apartment is rare indeed. I dreamed of having a car and a garage and ditching public transport. I was excited and ready to go. Flash forward two years later and I regret leaving my tiny, cramped San Francisco apartment. Yes, I got all the things HGTV made me dream of. But it could not stop the feeling of emptiness that overcame me when I moved to Dallas. Most people here Read More

Awful place - 9/4/2018
Not a good place to Read More

DFW in general is the epitome of "Any City, USA" - 8/28/2018
DFW is an economic powerhouse, but at the end of the day it's really nothing special. Tons of boxy, lookalike tract houses and amenities that can be found anywhere. Zero scenery. Crappy weather for about half the year. Ridiculous sprawl. Nauseating Texas Pride. The only reason to subject yourself to living here is the affordability factor. If you're just chasing a big house and a bunch of throwaway crap then you'll love Read More

Relocating to dallas - 8/28/2018
Hi All,
Planning to relocate with my daughter via my job in the near future. What are the best schools districts to look into that offer great after school care as well? If things go as planned, goal is to have her start middle school/ jr high there if possible. The offices to my job would be located in downtown Dallas so recommendations on surrounding cities would be appreciated. Please note I'm from Los Angeles so traffic does not scare me nor do i think anyone else other than NYC or Seattle could beat us. :) I may be wrong...nonetheless, looking forward to positive feedback. Read More

Dallas Exudes Southern Hospitality & Charm - 8/19/2018
Yes, everything -IS- bigger in Texas including its Southern hospitality and charm; its extensive highways; its road rage; and its hot & humid weather.

Its cowboys, country folk, and rodeo clowns in D/FW are slow-talkers, straight-shooters, yet slightly materialistic.

There is a genuine sense of bonding, camaraderie, unity, and purpose in the Dallas LGBTQ community. The local gay men are a friendly and engaging "band of brothers," not a group to exploit or objectify.

Must-See: Cathedral of Hope, Connemara Conservancy, Dallas Arboretum, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Theater Center, Ft. Worth Water Gardens, Trinity River Trails, University of Texas at Arlington, & The Village Read More

DFW is my kind of place but probably not for all - 7/30/2018
Every time I've visited Dallas/Ft. Worth (mainly for work) I've been impressed. People are pretty straightforward and direct and there's not a lot of BS in the workplace which I like. People here work hard so it seems.

Dallas itself is HUGE. Did some biking using Lime app and it's surprisingly bike friendly with bike lanes and trails. Neighborhoods are diverse - went out with a buddy and we lyfted to different bars and it felt like I was in video game. Ft. Worth is like a whole separate city but the downtown area was pretty nice too.

Food here is great as well. You can have your country grit eating breakfast followed by Japanese BBQ for dinner. Really impressive restaurant and bar scene here. Breweries are cropping up everywhere.

Cons would include some very bad gridlock traffic. Not like Los Angeles but just massive slowdowns during rush hour. I haven't witnessed snobbery here too much but if there is a place for it that would be Uptown. It's Read More

Much better locations in USA - 7/9/2018
Funny listening to these good ole Texas boys defend the dang city that they and their families hale from. Dallas is a SEGREGATED city of haves and have nots. Not a community oriented place.

DFW is NOT a pleasant place to live.

*Boring ass conservative politics - granted the women are beautiful there but don’t expect to get any reciprocal love without first shelling out some cash$$$$
*Lack of social programs
*Pretentious jerks
*Lots of proselytizing and in your face religious fanaticism
*Overrated economy
*Underestimated cost of living (food, car maintenance - in some cities drive 5 miles and you’ve traversed the city, DFW you’re still in uptown/highland park, lack of free public activities)
*TRAFFIC with car-obsessed elitist philistine jerks (“30k millionaire”)
*Hard to make friends - you have to drive an hour just to see them
*No accommodating public Read More

Not Top 10 but good enough and close - 6/6/2018
I'm a native Texas boy, home grown and have family all across the state.

Hell, I went to school in Dallas... the "well known" one...take a guess where?

And while I cherish my time in Dallas and education, there are better cities in the country.

I do however miss Uptown Dallas and Knox-Henderson... Especially as those are both so close to each other and urban/walkable lol. But compared to other cities in the country, it's not anything "special" lol.

I miss the suburbs and have many, many, MANY very very CLOSE ties in the North Dallas suburbs.

People who complain about Dallas don't realize that it's a city that is "big enough" to where you will have all the big city amenities that you want. But it's not like "first/top tier" in the country. But it's 'good enough'.

Listen, it could be worse... and I would know lol. I've lived in much worse lol

But that shouldn't discourage one from coming to Read More

Not Perfect, could be worse - 6/4/2018
Listen, I'm a "hometown boy" so ill always defend Dallas and the other major 3 Texas cities

Dallas is NOT a "top tier" city, it is a SECOND tier city

Here are some BETTER cities:
New York, Los Angelos, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston, Washington DC/NOVA, Atlanta

But it is a VERY good "alternative"

If you wanna live in a "better" (subjective) city, go to one of those... but ALSO realize you have to deal with MUCH HIGHER Cost of Living and/or worse weather (Minneapolis lol)

Dallas has it's faults but it could be MUCH MUCH worse. It has all the big city amenities, diversity in entertainment and populace that you could want in a city. Obviously, outside of Uptown/West End/Deep Ellum, it isn't a very "walkable" city... but damn it could be MUCH WORSE lol

It's a very COMPETITVE city too for being second tier. That said... Houston and Austin are great nearby options.

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