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pasadena pd - 6/26/2012
For starters I'm an African American, I'm a military veteran honorably discharged , I'm a tax payer and new home owner I'm married with 3 children. I'm from Chicago illinois. I've been living in Texas for five years now.. and for the past 3 I've lived in pasadena.. I can honestly say I've never dealt with as much racial profiling as I have since I've been living there. Repeatedly getting stopped and harassed by the police to and from work. Ive never had a criminal history or even been treated like one. Until now.. although I still dont have a background I'm treated like I do.. which is completely wrong and unfair.. its hard to believe that this is the country that so many people risk thier lives for no matter what race.. I strongly urge people to let it be known how these police are and request some sort of investigation to be done.. if you want proof of what I say just go to any municipal court in pasadena or south Houston and you'll see.. nothing but minorities.. and i know we Read More

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Parking in Yards - 12/30/2010
I have noticed that more and more people living in Pasadena, Texas park in their yards and I have seen a number of them even driving and parking on our side walks. It's like they don't care about their Read More

Infrastructure it due to the declini - 3/2/2009
I am considering a move to Pasadena now, but am concerned about the apparent lack of money being spent on the infrastructure. The roads are in dire need of repair and there is only spotty evidence of that changing. The air quality is really bad because of the refineries and it has been that way for some time. The majority of the homes are quite old, but I've seen some newer homes being Read More

Intolerance in Pasadena - 8/18/2008
Let me give you a little background on Pasadena. It was once the location where the KKK, or Ku Klux Klan met to have their hateful meetings. After reading many of the reviews on this website, I see that some members are still present. I can not believe that in the year 2008, bigots are still making such prejudiced comments regarding Mexicans. What a shame!

The north side of Pasadena has the older homes and many low income citizens reside there. The south side of Pasadena does have nicer homes and some recent commercial developement. The schools are good, but the air quality is poor due to the chemical plants near Read More

over run with hisspanics - 2/1/2008
the pasadena police and city council are obviously part of the problem...they are overlooking the all the complaints.

if you want to move to a place that has a growing tension between races due to blatant disregard of ameriKan rights and property owners neighborhood restrictions...then come to pasadena. is obvious that the city council nor crooked police department are going to do anything about the immigration problem...hate to see...but it's here.

hey...ya'll come on down...and...remember the alamo...

the houston paper reported that 80% that's eighty percent of the children in hisd schools either do not speak english...or uses english as a second language...

but have no fear...there are government backed agencies that are taking donations so that the 75% of houstonians that cannot read or write well will be getting "free" schooling...go figure...

if this is a local forum as stated...i would Read More

gone down considerably - 10/22/2007
the city has really gone down now that the biggest population is hispanic. the quality of the homes and surrounding areas has declined Read More

Pasadena, stinkadena !!! - 10/22/2007
yes I agree about Pasadena, it is becoming little Mexico and it's true, once you start let so many people live in one hosue, it soon becomes like Mexico...we don't want our state to start to reflect that image! the smell from the surrounding "plants" and refineries don't help Read More

A-Ok Place to live - 6/9/2007
Well it has its flaws but doesnt every city?The north side of the city is probobly the worst of the city but its working on renovating that part and it isnt that bad..the south part is just great and Read More

Personal thoughts on CityView before mine - 3/8/2007
Apparently, Pasadena has very closed minded ignorants living there too. Using "mexicans" in your CityView was pretty much unacceptable --especially a "mexican" reading your view. Not only does it make you look bad, but it makes others not want to go back there especially when I go there every summer. Perhaps your troubles and concerns should be notified to your city hall, and if your city hall doesn't do anything about it I don't see why you have to go online and cry about it. If you don't like the city, then move.

Other than that, I have no trouble with Pasadena. It's a lot different than neighborhoods in the suburbs of Read More

quality of life - 1/26/2007
Pasadena has a very poor quality of life especially for seniors. Our $120,000 property which was once beautiufl has been over-run by ill-legal immigrants where they have 6 or 8 cars thar are paked in the yards.
Some Mexicans are living out of the garages and they have actually parked boats and motor homes and people are living out of the motor homes and the houses parked in the drive way. Altough all deed restrictions are again'st this the city is not enforcing the code in any way. These are supppse to be single familes but a number of different people are living in them which is agiain'st all deed restrictions. The young people walk their pet pull dogs in the evening to scare the seniors. People have put up business signs and have business going out of their homes which again is not in the deed restrictions. If you try and talk to anyone at city hall no one will do anything. The quality of life has changed so quickly, it is Read More

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