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The city needs to fix this problem
Star Rating - 6/24/2019
It's a nice place, but seriously I can't even eat my food without homeless coming up to me 2ithout asking for money, and I can't even walk around without seeing people shooting up heroin, or smoking weed. This is why I am giving it two stars my experience was ruined by this experience
Benjamin | Harrison, OH
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I am a native of San Antonio. I don't now where you were in San Antonio, but I have never experienced what you talked about. Every city has a section of town that is less preferred than the rest. I guess that's all you visited. It's a shame. San Antonio is a beautiful city with a lot to see and enjoy.
Leticia | San Antonio, TX

Really experience was ruined because the homeless asked you for change. Plz gtfoh. And don't come back
Jay | San Antonio, TX
- 10/31/2019
Pros and Cons, not as bad as the reviews suggest
Lots of pure bundles of ranting joy here... For anyone looking for an actual review and c...
M. | San Antonio, TX | No Replies

- 7/18/2019
It's ok. And that's about it
Lived here fro 11 years. It's ok. The crime rate is ridiculously low for such a large metr...
Larry | Albuquerque, NM | 3 Replies

- 4/18/2019
Pretty racist place
I've lived here for most if my life, and the Hispanic populous is pretty racist towards bl...
Jacob | San Antonio, TX | 8 Replies

- 3/30/2019
San Antonio....Fat, Stupid People. Not Good
I read a review on here that reminded me of my situation and experience with San Antonio. ...
Andrew | Alpine, NJ | 6 Replies

- 3/17/2019
This Review is NOT Sugar Coated. Just Truth
San Antonio is not a city for professionals. Nepotism is the way this town is run. You hav...
John | Converse, TX | 1 Reply

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