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Nice, but cold Easters, high taxes, very liberal - 4/1/2018
Madison offers quite a bit for a metro area of 600,000. It is like a small big city. But it suffers these faults: 5 months of winter-like weather (I have seen snow from Halloween to Mothers Day), high property taxes, very liberal focus in politics, love of bicycles to the exclusion of cars so the roads are pathetic in term of repair and are way under built, very high rents and house prices for a mid-western town, and a beautiful airport with less than a dozen non-stop flight cities and outrageous air fares wherever you go. Stay away from government and university employment as this state does not give pay raises that even keep up with 2 percent inflation. The best part of the city is that the lakes and warmist summers are BEAUTIFUL! Late winter to early Spring is the hardest time living here because you just want winter to leave.  Read More

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Difficult Move From Blue State - 2/16/2018
Since they passed Act 10 in 2007 they have done away with collective bargaining and many protective measurers for workers have been eliminated, like reductions of vacation time from 5 weeks to 2 weeks at the hospital.

The elected officials are looking to institute open carry at the universities and do away with tenure. My sense is people who could get out left and the people left behind are bitter, busy, stuck or retired.

I moved here with my husband in 2015 for his job and as a middle aged educator looking for work I have experienced a negative reception. I can't tell you how many people asked me to volunteer my time, which is the norm here, they have no idea how insulting it is to be asked to work for free. They are obsessed with work and for the most menial jobs they will ask for 3 references, call every one of them and also have you interviewed by a panel of 3. Wages are low for most jobs and it doesn't make sense because the cost of living here is Read More

Very quickly becoming unaffordable. - 1/22/2018
I call it the most conservative liberal city in the US. After living here 35+ years I've seen the best and worst. There has been a boom in Dane County recently with much of it surrounding Madison. The UW is causing major changes with regard to housing. Luxury high rises are going up everywhere and students are moving there as opposed to the old run down victorians all over town. The drawback is rental agencies are raising their prices as well to make up the difference. The prices shown on the previous page are ALL OFF by at LEAST $200. Finding a studio to live in for $650 is next to impossible without being on a waitlist for several years. The city is throwing money to gentrify a lot of the older rundown areas of town in order to attract new people to move here. The East Washington corridor is in a state of constant high rise construction.

The Pros: The UW. State Street and Capitol Square. Buses. Access to farm fresh foods. No sales tax on unprepared foods. Numerous Read More

Pretty mid-sized metro area with pros and cons - 12/22/2017
This city would be on my short list if the winters weren't so long and Read More

Mad City - 2/5/2017
Madison has a lot going for it: good employment ops., lots of culture, a little leftover hippyness to take the edge off and it's the capital. Living there, you get the feeling of close quarters. The U. though world class, has sort of taken over the city like a slow growing tumor. So, on week days driving or walking downtown is quite an adventure. Bike lanes seemingly spring up in roadways that would scare me to pedal through. Buses are convenient. Personally I like my U and City a bit more separated. Housing sure isn't cheap. Cost of living isn't cheap, at least for me. But, I'm a frugal frau. Occasionally there is a march on the capital. It can be quite politically inclined, a mix of everything. Medically speaking, you'll be in the pink. People come from far and wide to see their doctors. Also, on certain days you might be driving the Beltway (heavy traffic) but then you'll see some cows staring back at you from the U Vet School. It tends to put a smile on your face. Read More

nice college town - 2/4/2016
Madison is a mid sized city located in South Central Wisconsin. Some of the biggest employers are The University of Wisconsin, UW hospital ( Voted number 1 hospital in Wisconsin) And Epic Systems(electronic charting for hospitals). You will find plenty to do as Madison boasts miles of biking and hiking trails, popular college sports teams and many choices to enjoy the arts. Just bring your Read More

Why we like Madison and perhaps why we don't so mu - 2/10/2015
We met at Madison in our 40s and got married. We bought a house in town with a nice yard, close to bus transportation so Jim could get to work and near a good grocery store, parks, schools, and a short distance from our favorite (more pricy) parts of town.

Our home value went up and we really liked our neighborhood and we gardened and could get to intellectual and fun activities as well as the "commons" of our city and area, coffee shops, parks, lakes, rural places nearby, shopping. Friends bought houses not very far from us which was also wonderful.

Kids grew up and moved out and health issues meant that it might be better if we didn't have to shovel, carry salt for softener, work so hard on gardens, or take lots of stairs. So we sold our house and bought a condo on the lake, quite near. It was more expensive but is quite lovely and the living is easy (laundry room just behind the bedroom, for instance.) Also everyone in the building is great. We cooperate Read More

Housing, it's relative. - 7/16/2014
Other than the Milwaukee Metro area, it does cost more to live in Madison than the rest of WI. Housing is the primary factor making this community a difficult place for lower income folks to reside in. We knew this upon our arrival here back in 2000 and so we purchased a mobile home, believing we could have some privacy, our kids with their own bedrooms and not go broke in the process. Now however, the lot rent has climbed to over $600/mo, making this less economical than we believed it would be at this point, back when we moved in. Finding any sort of house to rent for under $1k/mo is next to impossible ansd apartments or condos aren't much better. While most of the country was suffering through a collapse in the realestate market a number of years ago, Madison kept right on chugging along, just at a bit of a lesser pace. Now again it has climbed back to double digit appreciation in the market. Unemployment always remains very low. The primary employers are state government related, Read More

Love this town! - 1/24/2014
Way more music, theater, fine dining, and general fun than you'd expect from a small city. Read More

Breathing - poor quality of air - 5/18/2013
I moved to Madison a month ago from Gainesville, Fl because the climate there gave e terrible asthma. I thought the air would be better in Madison. I was here 10 days and started having terrible coughing attacks. I had a severe asthma attack and am staying inside. I am also wearing a mask when I go out. I plan to move in 4 days. There is something very wrong with the air her - high particulate matter. It's too bad because I like the city and the people but must go where I can breath. If you plan to move to Madison go and stay for at least a week to see how you react to the Read More

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