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Love it, but had to leave it - 5/30/2019
Sheridan was a great place to be a kid--outdoor opportunities, very little crime, and a strong sense of community.

The art community is everywhere in Sheridan, and events like Third Thursday, the farmer's markets, and rodeo are fun for everyone.

Whenever I go back to visit my parents, I wish I could find a job in Sheridan and move back. It is absolutely beautiful there with the Big Horn mountains so close, and rolling hills surrounding the valley. Much of the creek has also been restored to a more natural floodplain instead of the Army Corps of Engineers concrete canals that were fashioned years ago. There are more walking paths, and a distinct desire to improve and diversify to attract young people. New breweries are popping up, and Koltiska Distillery has finally opened a tasting room.

Drawbacks: like many rural western towns, there is a lack of diversity. That does NOT mean that everyone here is bigoted or uneducated, like some of the Read More

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Intolerant Yuppie Town - 10/18/2018
Rich yuppie town, a tourist trap, intolerant, people, the Police are the worst, as are the Judges.
I am an RN taking my husband to the Mayo Clinic for treatment of prostate cancer.
We stopped for food and fuel.
Intolerant of those with disabilities,could not even find a place to pee without spending money.
On a side street people were walking their dogs, and not even picking up the poop. A discusting place off Main Street.
Main Street is all gussied up for the wealthy heading to the Rockies.
Stay away if you are Black, Elderly, or have any disabilities.
Minnesota Nurse
Rochester Minnesota Read More

Recent transplant. Good and bad stuff. - 10/31/2017
Hoping that my point of view as a recent transplant to Sheridan, may help others. I came here from big cities having lived in Las Vegas and Orange County. I knew in advance the small size and limited resources of Sheridan, so I was not completely ignorant upon arrival. However there were a few surprises I didn't expect. Good ol' boy network. Not in the traditional sense, but more of a "If you're not wealthy and from here, you won't go far" type of way. There is a serious lack of diversity in just about every way possible. From culturally to commerce the town lacks greatly in it's diversification. In the last 6 months we've lost 5 retailers. KMart, JC Penny's, Boot Barn and a small clothing store, Rue21. There's a Wal-Mart that seemed to have gobbled up numerous other retailers over the years as well.

Dining options are somewhat limited and those options by and large have some of the worst customer service you'll ever encounter. The talent pool for employers in town is Read More

Better be rich - 5/22/2017
You better be rich before going to Sheridan....few jobs and low pay...the locals are very Read More

Wonderful Place! - 5/21/2016
I have lived in Sheridan several times and I have to say this is one of the best towns in America! First of all, the town is located at the base of the Bighorn Mountains and surrounded by rolling hills, some trees and meadows. The downtown is very clean and well maintained. There are many wonderful parks and trails that accommodate all sorts of recreational activities. There's a Walmart, Kmart, Albertsons, Walgreens, Home Depot and numerous small shops, restaurants and bars. There's a rich and vibrant history in this town and is a sportsman's paradise. A great place to settle down and raise a family, or retire. For singles in their teens and 20's, there's not much of a dating scene but the town still can be quite fun. There's a very nice community college nearby that offers an array of 2 year degrees. Overall Sheridan is a gem!  Read More

What is Sheridan like for a new grad? - 1/27/2016
I recently received a job offer in Sheridan in the healthcare field. I am a new grad from college and was wondering if this would be a good place to start off my career and life after college. I have normally lived in bigger cities but a small town does not intimidate me. I would appreciate any Read More

surly women, big ole trucks - 11/8/2015
I agree with this. I just moved back. I am a native but don't feel like one. This town has really changed alot. It used to be filled with humble and hardworking people mixed with eclectic people from the coasts. It has turned into suburbia and the super rich have done nothing to add to the ambience or culture of the town. And the town is now filled with macho men in big pickups. I dont know where they came from. Not here. I feel that most of the other women here are surly. They seem to resent me. The customer service is worse than anywhere I have ever been. The chains ate safe and a handful of local establishments. I do avoid most of the local establishments, though. Frackeltons, Las Delicias, Good Health Emporium, and The Golden Rule Grocers are good, but overall, the locals dont seem to take hreat pride in their customer service. People jere standoffish. My friends have all moved to other towns because of the snobbishness. But I ask them what do the women have to be Read More

The has been town - 3/17/2015
Do NOT move to Sheridan unless you are filthy rich,period,as the business's cater to the rich,the rents are too high,the real estate is way over priced,there are very few decent paying jobs to keep up with Sheridan's exorbitant cost of living.While many have lived here for years,they seem to be unknowing,or uncaring,about the extreme price hikes in the area.Most people travel to Billings,Montana,Casper,Wyoming or Rapid City,SD to shop,or use the internet as variety is nonexistent here for most goods.Unless you are a heavy drinker that is,or use drugs.Sheridan was once a great town to live in,but has really went to the Read More

Sheridan population - 2/2/2014
The population mentioned on "Sperling's best places" for Sheridan, Wyoming is incorrect. The figure mentioned (25,000+) is for Sheridan County. The population of the city of Sheridan is Read More

Left Sheridan for Greener Pastures - 11/9/2013
Just wanted to point out that despite some of the reviews here, Sheridan's cost of living is below the national average. Housing is not cheap, but by other posts here, you'd think it was astronomical. I am a real estate agent here, and would contribute the following: It is a small housing market, and by that I mean, it has never been overbuilt like places where housing prices collapse because of the immense oversupply of homes. Even though our market has softened like other parts of the country, we are a little insulated from massive depreciation due to the size of the community and continued demand for housing.
Speaking to the issue of race, it is probably 97% Caucasian, so if you are not white, people will notice you, there will be curiosity. Not everyone here is racist though, not even close. I apologize to anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of running into a bigot in our community, but bigots exist everywhere. Bigots are probably less obvious in larger Read More

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56 Keystone Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 3

1507 Omarr Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

524 Sumner St
Bed 5 | Bath 2

1445 N Gould St
Bed 3 | Bath 1

1570 Cedar Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 2

620 Illinois St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

424 S Sheridan Ave Unit F
Bed 2 | Bath 2


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