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Get to know Alabama with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama - 12/6/2016
My husband and I have lived in Memphis for the last 14 years. Believe me, anyplace is better to live than Memphis. These poor folks are stuck in a Civil Rights bubble they can't seem to bust, not to mention the school system totally sucks. I've made some great friends but I am so glad to be leaving. The only reason we stayed this long was to get our kids graduated. Now we are free to go and I am so excited to be moving to our new home base in Huntsville. We are middle-aged, empty-nester baby boomers, highly conservative, evangelical Christian, republican, absolutely love and support Trump/Pence 100%, and I got a shotgun to prove it. Of course, being from Texas, you're practically born with a shotgun in your hand. I grew up in a family that hunts and fishes. But then I went and married myself a 'Damn Yankee' of all things. However, 30 years later, I can honestly say I have successfully 'Southernized' him. (Wink) Heck, he even speaks with a drawl now. All his Ohio family recognize it Read More

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Thinking of moving to Foley - 3/25/2015
Can anyone tell me about the services available to senior citizens in Foley. example: if I move there now, I am 67. If I stay and eventually stop driving are there services such as senior citizen centers and senior pick up services to help me go about my daily activities such as shopping etc? Also in reference to religion, andn please don't take this the srong way, but I was told that Alabama is not too fond of people of the Jewish religion such as I. Can anyone give me any feedback on these two items?

Thank you,Read More

Hot and Humid Summers - Mild Winters - 9/25/2014
Alabama summers are stiflingly bright, hot and humid. Heaven help you if you don't have AC in your car. Alabama is a great place to live if your interests are in growing fruit and vegetables because of the wide variety of edible plants that love hot, humid weather. Sweet potatoes in particular do fantastic in this weather. IMHO summer in general, isn't worth much more than this, however my opinion is swayed by the fact that I get terrible headaches from being too hot or being in bright light for too long.

Winters here are mild but always seem colder than they are. I don't know if it's the humidity or amount of rainfall but winter temps always seem to hover just above freezing making it feel wet and cold and the skies are grey a lot. It doesn't bother me but most people aren't a fan of this type of weather. It's usually pretty short anyway and the weather changes rapidly during the winter. It could be sunny and near 70 one day and have flurries and be in the 20's Read More

Crime - 10/24/2012
There are to many shootouts near my county.Read More

Crime - 9/9/2012
High crime Read More

No Jobs! - 11/25/2011
The way the economy is here in south Alabama is not very good. There are not enough jobs to help provide families with what they need. Alot of people have lost their jobs, moved away and are trying to start over again. Read More

New to Florida - 7/24/2011
Too soon for a review, we have been here just 1 Read More

Camp Hill, Alabama is Clean, Cheap, and Quiet. Jo - 4/6/2011
We bought a huge Victorian era home on an acre in town in 2004 (for Fifteen thousand cash), and love the town. It has challenges, and the turn-around is moving slow. Property is cheap, taxes are low, and the people are nice. A great place to retire without a mortgage, as we did. If you have drive to help the recovery, love quaint charm but still just 20 minutes from the big university town of Auburn, it might be for Read More

yuck - 3/21/2011
racisist Read More

What do the funds in escrow mean for the country? - 11/22/2010
For almost three months the public outcry during the Gulf Coast oil spill was almost to the verge of a mutiny against the president and his leadership abilities. The coverage of his actions, or should I say, the actions that were expected was so embarrassing I was ashamed to be an American. Shame was something I never thought I would feel about my country during my lifetime. I had seen two former presidents use the military as their own person G.I Joes and I hid my shame. These were my Commanders in Chief and I gave an oath to protect this soil against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Yet when the oil spill began to reach threatening levels I once again saw a country being overly biased in the way the president handled the situation. I remember listening to a town hall meeting going on in California amongst a somewhat diverse audience and I had to shake my head in disgust after hearing some of the comments being made. True everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but many Read More

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