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Freedom of sorts in Idaho - 3/27/2019
I started going to Moscow, Idaho from college WSU....because drinking age was 19. Federal government said no more highway funds unless states raised their drinking age to 21. Anyway, I now live in E. Washington and farm (kind of a retirement hobby). I am about 50 miles from Idaho border (as the horse flies) but about 120 by highway. I have driven to most places in Idaho, and have found that if a person wants or is probably the best state for remote. Sometimes I think Read More

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Retire?????? - 6/2/2018
Place to retire Read More

Potates (3) - 4/30/2018

Potates (cont.) - 4/30/2018

Potates - 4/30/2018
Idaho has much potates. Eat the potate. EAT Read More

Almost heaven.....compared to CA - 9/7/2017
After living in California for over 30 years, we finally gave up on trying to adapt to the "progressively" worsening conditions. Which? Ever increasing taxes and bonded indebtedness by the left-wing state government; adding more benefits & services for illegals (oops, I mean undocumented immigrants). Governor (Moonbeam) Jerry Brown is still stuck in the 1970's, knowing only how to increase taxes and the size of government. Air pollution, urban sprawl and gang violence are all out of control. We said, "Enough!" and relocated to Idaho, and have never had any cause to regret our decision. Idaho has a much smaller, less intrusive state government, along with with modest, reasonable taxes. And the violent crime rate is miniscule compared to CA. I'm almost afraid to post this review, on the chance that it might bring more disgruntled Californians up here to Idaho, and ruin a wonderful place to Read More

Why I like Idaho - 9/22/2015
Living here is great because I like to live around people with conservative Read More

Nampa, Idaho the good, the bad and the ugly - 8/13/2014
I have lived in Nampa, for the past 6 years and I can tell you a lot about this place. I grew up in Idaho, born and raised and have lived in many of the cities here so I have a pretty clear idea of what is what and the Idaho expectation. Nampa is a bedroom community so don't expect the amenities of living in a city here because they don't exist. All in all Nampa is one of the better places in Idaho that I have lived in. So Nampa has a a lot of pros and cons...
Lets start with the pros...
1- The education depending on the high school is one of the greatest! My son attends Skyview and I am blown away by the school and the teachers. NSD 131 has a program called the academies which is kids can graduate High school and start college as a sophomores. They can take classes geared towards their futures. Some of the academies they offer are Medical, engineering, automobile you get the picture, the real kick is it is a public school system. This is no charter thing.
2- There Read More

Its not the best place to live"anymore" - 5/26/2014
I have lived in Boise for over fifty-three years and have in horrible dismay seen changes that compromise my beloved city. This State is run by the rich and powerful, and the groups of these people make sure that those to be elected are backed by some serious money; any ordinary state born person has no chance. They want those with money to come to this, what once was a peaceful urban state because of the "low" cost of living. This state advertises that it has the “lowest cost of doing business due to the low cost of labor, and how they state this is “Boise” supports business with a lowest cost of wage base”. People here are lucky to find a job that pays $7.25 to $7.55, and there be a least 20 applicants for that one job. The unemployment here is greatly understated.
The schools here are insufficient and have a great level of low education standards. How they avoided losing monies from taxpayer/federal funding was to build alternative schools for those that have problems reading Read More

Boise is correct not "Boise City" - 8/14/2012
As a native I notice Sperling references to "Boise City", supposedly Idaho 's capitol.
This is incorrect. Boise is the name for Idaho's capitol--just Boise.
Thank you for not perpetuating false naming references on Sperling.
Please note there is an Idaho City, Silver City etc but no "Boise City" in Idaho.

I now live in Boston (not Boston City).
Enjoy your visit to Boise (Idaho's capitol, nicknamed the "City of Trees" on the Snake River in Treasure Valley, Read More

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1620 W 1st St
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19532 Highway 95
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3999 Grangemont Rd
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707 Jefferson St
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