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Vermont is a largely rural state located in the Northeastern region of the United States. While its total population makes up only 0.2% of the country's overall population, it has a rich variety of transportation options available for those living and visiting the area. The Vermont Agency of Transportation provides several services, including buses that connect towns throughout the state, as well as Amtrak's Vermonter train service which runs from St. Albans to Washington D.C., with stops all along the way in Vermont cities such as Burlington, Montpelier, and Waterbury. There are also numerous public transit options available in urban areas like Burlington, including Community Connector Buses and Link Express Bikes which make getting around easy and affordable. In addition to these services, there are local taxi companies and private ridesharing services like Uber that make it easy to get around in larger cities within Vermont State. For those who prefer to drive themselves, Vermont offers excellent roadways that provide access to all parts of the state for travelers and commuters alike. With so many different transportation options available in Vermont State, getting around this beautiful state has never been easier or more efficient!

The typical American commute has been getting longer each year since 2010. The average one-way commute in Vermont takes 22.8 minutes. That's shorter than the US average of 26.4 minutes.

How people in Vermont get to work:
- 75.9% drive their own car alone
- 8.9% carpool with others
- 6.8% work from home
- 1.2% take mass transit
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Over 9 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for beauty, good hiking trails, and some light sight seeing. I have a couple of friends who have been to Vermont and loved it. They say that Vermont  More

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Over 9 years ago

Burlington is a safe and lively place to live; including the metro area the population is medium sized. Employment is only mediocre and the winters are long and cold.  More

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Over 10 years ago

Spent 48 years on the NY / Vermont border living and working in both states. The reason we moved to Florida three years ago was because of taxes, politics, taxes, cold  More

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