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Star Rating - 11/19/2020
I have lived in ABQ and other cities in the west, so here's my honest take.
Pro's: Nice weather overall. Lots of sunshine, Summers are hot but not horrid like Phoenix. Spring winds a bit annoying. Overall.... good for golfing and outdoor activities. Jobs aren't real hard to find. Some good employers like the federal government (FAA) and high tech (But see the Cons). UNM is a good school - with a lot of hippies who never left. Good college sports! The Pit is a fun place to watch UNM basketball. Balloon festival; People are pretty friendly for the most part. Blake's Lottaburger!!! The Sandia mountains are neat. All the usual big city theme restaurants and some nice mom and pop places. Great Mexican food. I like the old town. I think multi-culturalism is a bit overrated, but if you like that kind of thing...some nice neighborhoods like anywhere else but some real BAD ones. Lots of churches, but see "Cons"
Crime/economics: Boy is there crime! It seems like mostly it's vandalism, theft and robberies. Lots of drugs and vato gangs. ABQ seems, for some reason, to attract a lot of bad people, transients and druggies/alcoholics; a lot of poor and unskilled people live here. A lot of hard-looking people - even among the middle class - which there isn't much of. [My brother-in-law was at a McDonalds with his kids (in a decent area) and two knuckleheads robbed the place in broad daylight and while very busy too! Of course the clowns got caught]. The cops are tough and they practice racial profiling so I hear. Jobs pay crappy for the cost of living. You want $12/hour??? How dare you ask! There's a lot of old boy networking and a poverty mentality, not a "can-do" attitude like I found when I moved to Texas. There's some really bad neighborhoods like I said. Even the vaunted "NE Heights" has some problems. Rio Rancho and Taylor Ranch are nice. Some mega churches but the ministers seem like those old west "healing tonic" salesmen.
Lots of trash and needles! The spring winds blow it all around too. They need to start fining people. They should make the little smart-a55 juvenile offenders pick up garbage as a punishment. Bet that'd cut down the recidivism rate.
Anyway there's worse places to live, but overall it's not bad. There's just a LOT of poverty and social problems! Nobody seems to ever have enough money to get by.

Duke | Houston, TX
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No, the crime is out of control. I was at the Walgreens on Juan Tabo and Montgomery. They were robbed while I was in the store. The cashiers just handed them what they wanted and went on as normal. I had no clue they were being robbed. The cashier told me. I asked her if she wanted me to leave so she could wait for the police. I swear she said, "We don't call them anymore, they don't do anything, and they never catch them". I personally have had my home robbed twice, once while I was inside sleeping, vandalized with video. They told me that even though I had video of them, I couldn't prove it was really them. A man admitted to stealing my son's truck in front of two police officers, they told me it was a civil matter, nothing they could do. Yeah, real nice place. I have been here for a little more than 15 years, and before you say I must live in a bad area, my husband works on the base for the lab. I grew up in Detroit, and this place is much worse. There are so many drunks, druggies, to the point that you cannot even get pain meds after operations because they think you are seeking. Remember they guy they found in front of Walmart that was put there as a warning? Don't recommend this place to people. It is awful and getting worse.
Denise | Albuquerque, NM | Report Abuse
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