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Great Los Angeles... of course CA
Star Rating - 5/13/2019
You have got to go to Los Angeles if you can. its big full of popular youtubers if you go you will have a great time
marcus | Longview, WA
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Nobody gives a flying you know what bout your popular Youtubers in LA, all they do is flash money and pretend like they made it big when they really only "made it" off the backs of mommy and daddy and the dumbasses who watch their antics onYouTube. I dont watch their stuff though I know what they do, Logan and Jake Paul or whatever their names are can drown in the gutter with their filth for all i care.
John | Somerton, AZ
- 8/23/2019
City for young people? Maybe with daddies money
LA is a place where you go after you’ve established some sort of solid foundation whether ...
Jacob | Los Angeles, CA | 5 Replies

- 7/15/2019
Great for young adults, terrible for families
LA is a great city for young people, but definitely not a great place to raise a family. I...
Jay | Los Angeles, CA | 1 Reply

- 4/2/2019
Los Angeles CA
I live In Los Angeles, CA ...
Michelle | Royal Oak, MI | No Replies

- 3/27/2019
A Little Good Mixed in with a Whole Lotta Terrible
Okay, so I'm going to start out by saying there was a time when I absolutely loved LA. Tha...
Angela | Los Angeles, CA | 2 Replies

- 11/4/2018
Not for everyone
This review is about SoCal in general. This is not a dream place! I grew up in the bay ar...
John | San Diego, CA | No Replies

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