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Star Rating - 7/19/2006
Unless you like living in a faux tourist town with no good jobs to offer and plenty of traffic from people living outside of your town and state, don't move here. The school system is poor, the economy has flatlined, and no end in sight. As a former destination for housing during the automotive and chemical industry boom, we have our share of housing to offer. However, nobody can afford most of it, because of how rediculously priced it is. We're touted by our leaders as a "world class destination" but the only thing I see we are is a "world class joke." For a tourist town, we have none of the trappings of a quality tourist town. We have a run down former Holiday Inn and across the street, we've built a new hotel/conference center and both of them are only at about 33% capacity at any given time. We have maybe 8 hotel/motel places throught the city and 1 conference center. Right now, city council and local builders are on a "condo craze" converting old industrial and early turn of the century buildings into high priced condos that nobody is buying. If you like your town cooked on the outside and underdone in the middle, we're the place for you!
John | Bay City, MI
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I lived in Orlando, FL for 3 yrs., Charlotte, NC for 5 yrs., nearly constant police and emergency sirens in both places. I'm fine right here. Bay City, Beetlebomb
Beetlebomb | Bay City, MI | Report Abuse
- 9/2/2018
Growing Community. Great For Young Families.
Bay City offers low prices for homes due to lower population (Current lower demand). Years...
Terrance | Fenton, MI | No Replies

- 1/2/2017
They've improved the downtown area
But everything else is going to crap.......
Harold | Bay City, MI | No Replies

- 12/5/2015
Not one of the best places to live.
There are many pros to Bay City, it is incredibly cheap to live in and most everything is ...
YoLo | Bay City, MI | No Replies

- 8/19/2014
Michigan-Economically Depressed
Highest gas tax in the country. Gas tax was levied in order to get monies to repair Michig...
James | Bay City, MI | No Replies

- 6/30/2010
An Interesting and tolerant place
First off I say tolerant cause when I was living here I was in my teenage years here and I...
Wesley | Lansing, MI | No Replies

- 5/5/2009
Bay City Climate
Beautiful, temperate Spring and Fall seasons. Hot and humid summers. Fierce winters. Huge ...
Matt | Kawkawlin, MI | No Replies

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