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Locals are always mad
Star Rating - 10/7/2020
I’ve been in Denver for 4 years, and I can honestly say the biggest thing I don’t like about this city is the self proclaimed “natives” (white people who grew up in Denver) who immediately hate anyone who isn’t from Denver. They blame everything on transplants; weed, traffic, job growth, apartments being built, nature being “ruined”, etc. City growth is happening everywhere, but locals view this city as theirs and theirs alone, and they do not like anyone from out of state. Ironically, the friendliest people I’ve met over the years are not from Denver, and the terrible attitudes shared by “natives” are what’s ruining this city. If you read anything negative about traffic, weed, or high cost of living, let it be known that these things have existed in Denver long before the city started growing at the rate it has. Aside from the piss poor attitudes of the salty locals, I love this city and state, and have shown nothing but respect for the the amazing nature outside my door. I will definitely be back to visit, but the lack of friendliness and arrogant attitudes held by locals is going to drive out a lot of hard working good people. If anyone is “ruining” this city, it’s the people who have been here for generations.
P | Littleton, CO
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My issue with the new Denver is the fact that it is full of people who’s entire identities are tied to their excessive alcohol and drug use. I’m not entirely against mind altering substances, I still indulge in occasional edibles or mushies. It just seems like most people in Denver have a very immature attitude towards consumption and don’t do anything interesting with their free time except get really fucked up and I find that to be very boring and depressing
Honest | Denver, CO | Report Abuse
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