Review of Canon City, Colorado

Canon City - Pros/Cons
Star Rating - 4/5/2008
1. Plenty of outdoor recreation
2. Extremely low cost of living and housing for region
3. Affordable place to live

1. High crime rate
2. Poor school system
3. City government is corrupt
4. Rapid growth
5. Overall one of the worst places to live in the state
Clint | Liberty, IL
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Please visit me on face book and search for CanonCityColoradoCorruption Tell your story
Pebbles | Canon City, CO | Report Abuse

Clint and Kay are right. Not one person in Canon that I have spoken with trusts the law or officials here. Lived here many years and know allot of good people and everyone says the same thing "what do you expect, it's canon." Most everyone knows and no one does anything about for fear of reprisal. It's terrible. ONLY if you have a valid first hand account of abuse in this town - go to face book and search for CanonCityColoradoCorruption We can get our stories out there and get them to the proper agencies. We need to stand together to make this a good community again and a place we feel safe. When people who are supposed to protect you are corrupt, lives can be horribly damaged or destroyed. We turn a blind eye to it until it's us it's happening to. It will affect you and it will happen to you eventually. I know. I'm a good citizen with nothing on my record and Church member and it doesn't matter! It WILL touch you eventually. God bless...
Pebbles | Canon City, CO | Report Abuse

I can only assume that "Clint" has never lived here. The sun shines more than 300 days per year. The air is clean to breathe. The people are welcoming and friendly and very open to new people moving in. We have been here 2 years and have not seen this "rapid growth." The crime is mainly vandalism and spousal abuse. We have met quite a few of the city government officials and have a high opinion of all of them.
Kay | Wetmore, CO | Report Abuse

I agree Clint, and I would say it's even worse then that. I lived there 3 1/2 years and could'nt wait to get the heck out. I don't think the outdoor activity was that great unless you like to kayak or rock climb. The hunting is absolutely horrible compared to the western slope of Colorado. The people are also pretty ignorant as a rule of thumb. The police are not much different from Nazi germany either. For a young man that never did anything wrong they treated me horribly. The place is just to hot in the summer and a desert waistland for me. Unfortunately one my sisters still lives there, that's to bad for her. If you want a similar climate without all the negatives check out Grand Junction it's way nicer.
Willim | Woodland Park, CO | Report Abuse
- 10/8/2015
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Pebbles | Canon City, CO | No Replies

- 12/9/2010
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Willim | Woodland Park, CO | No Replies

- 7/20/2010
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Susan | Canon City, CO | No Replies

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