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Canon city
Star Rating - 12/9/2010
I lived there three and a half years. I'll admit most people that you meet their are nice folks However. It is very low income, and teenagers act very much like inner city punks. The police department has authority that it should'nt. Nearly everyone that lives there works for the 13 prisons that are there. Frankly I don't know who's worse the people that work for the prison or the family members of the inmates. The north side of town has high radiation do to a old uranium processing plant just north of town. It's really hot in the summer almost as hot as the arizona desert. There are no good paying jobs. The town is deffinately corrupt, and alot of the people there are quite ignorant (not all). The fishing is not good in around the area. The landscape is the most lifeless barren area in the Colorado Rockies, very low elk numbers. As with most of Colorado you have to put up with California transplants. In Canon City those California transplants are the poor one's that can't afford anywhere else. I consider Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Canon city to be the worst Colorado has to offer hands down. The only upside to Canon City is the Arizona like weather. I've lived all over Colorado, and I know what I'm talking about.
Willim | Woodland Park, CO
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