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Star Rating - 10/8/2015
While most of the rest of the front range of Colorado has seen very large housing price increases over the last 4 years, the same cannot be said of Canon City. In my opinion Canon City is still bottoming out. Having said that it is my opinion that now is a good time to buy in Canon. Housing prices are low and rents relatively high. By that I mean that you can buy a house for $125K and rent it out for $1K per month. That kind of rate of return is not possible in the rest of the front range of Colorado.
Canon City has the same climate as the rest of Eastern Colorado. There is abundant water in Canon as the Arkansas River runs through town and irrigates the area. I love the way hay fields and houses intermingle in Canon City. Canon is a good place for retirees to downsize and cut their cost of living. Taxes are low.
Plus Canon is at the gateway to the mountains. Its not in the mountains but the mountains are at your doorstep. Salida and Buena Vista are nice but prices of houses are double what they are in Canon. they have already been gentrified. Canon has not.

Steven | Denver, CO
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This is a crock..Canon City's rent has doubled and tripled.The rents now compare to that of Florida...Florida, next to a beach..But instead there's no beaches,only prisons! This place is crawling with druggies, and cars are constantly being broken into.(I know after the 6th or 7th time..I just started leaving mine unlocked.)And I lived in a *good* part of town.I've found needles at the parks,walmart,and in front of one of the elementary schools.The landlords here are crooked, and like to steal your deposits.Out of the 7 states I've lived in, this one is the lowest paying,and highest costing.If you value your kids,and want to keep your dog..This isn't a place to run to, but away from!
Chienne | Ca±on City, CO | Report Abuse
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