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All hope abandon, ye who enter here.
Star Rating - 9/9/2017
After living in California for nearly 40 years, we finally gave up on trying to adapt to the "progressively" worsening conditions. Which? Ever increasing taxes and bonded indebtedness by the left-wing state government; adding more benefits & services for illegals (oops, I mean undocumented immigrants). Governor (Moonbeam) Jerry Brown is still stuck in the 1970's, knowing only how to increase taxes and the size of government. Air pollution, urban sprawl and gang violence are all out of control. We said, "Enough!" and relocated to Idaho, and have never had any cause to regret our decision. Idaho has a much smaller, less intrusive state government, along with with modest, reasonable taxes. And the violent crime rate is miniscule compared to CA. People still leave their cars unlocked at the local shopping mall. I'm almost afraid to post this review, on the chance that it might bring more disgruntled/liberal Californians up here to Idaho, and ruin a wonderful place to live.
Philo | Fresno, CA
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Don't know if people realize that California is the 5th largest economy in the world (larger than the United Kingdom, Great Britain), thanks for the wonderful governor Jerry Brown and the so called liberals. It was the 11th largest before Jerry Brown became governor. So, with that said, thank California for one of the best standards of living in the country and the world. And to the ultra conservative right elements, I say, please go live in Idaho and the South where salaries are ridiculously low due to Republican influence (always against increases in minimum wage, affordable healthcare for all, racist and repressive against women and minority rights.
G | San Clemente, CA
- 3/24/2019
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This is amazing humans!!!!!
I am sure you like this and I do to you are as great as I am!!! Nyhehe!!!!!!??...
Sofia | Mountain House, CA | 1 Reply

- 3/16/2018
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Melissa | Boise City, ID | No Replies

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