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NYC Both Good & Bad
Star Rating - 2/22/2020
I was born & raised in NYC. During the time I grew up there is was a GREAT place to live & grow up. However, over the years it changed.

It is expensive to live, but so are a lot of other places with far less to offer. NYC has so much to do it is nearly impossible to be bored unless you are broke. There is seemingly nothing that you can't get there. Transportation is plentiful and affordable. If you don't think so, try living some place like NC or Baltimore. While Baltimore has a train & bus system it is not comprehensive at all.

NYC is quite crowded, but for some that is the attraction. People draw energy from other people so this is what makes NYC so electric!! If you are not a people person or you have a phobia of crowds then I suppose NYC is not for you.

The NYC public school system sucked out loud as I can recall which is why in 1997 my ex-husband and I decided to leave with our 3 kids. That was 23 years ago, so I am uncertain what it is like now, but I can't imagine that it is any better today.

So I guess what I am saying is that like any place else NYC has its good and bad. From what I am to understand there is a lot of gentrification that is going on there now. So certain areas that weren't the best back when I still lived there are now better. While some areas that I remember being pretty good are now considered bad. I still rate NYC a 3 because all in all NYC still has a lot more going for it than a lot of other places (and I am solely basing this off the other 2 places that I have lived). On the other side, what contributes to giving NYC a 3 is the fact that I would not move back there today. One of the reasons is because while some of the changes I mentioned above can be considered good, I am older now and having to start over learning the City that I once knew very well would be considered a set-back for me. OH and yes the prices for where I would want to live today is probably out of my price range, although if you think Maryland doesn't have $8.5 gazillion dollar homes without the view or land etc you would be wrong. Other states can be just as pricey or pricier without any reason or cause.
Monique | Edgewood, MD
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NYC is a cesspool now. It's a good thing that you left because the public school system overall sucks - well unless you're in the "good neighborhoods" and those are expensive. Yes it's crowded - depending upon where you live. If you live in Manhattan, everyone is on top of each other. If you move to Queens or many parts of Staten Island, you will have more space. NYC is too expensive and upon retirement I'm out of here. I don't like the politics here and it's time to go.
Henrietta | New York, NY | Report Abuse

I left when rudy came in and now it goes back to the dogs yet again but I hated what rudy did
Sonny | Johnson City, TN | Report Abuse
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NYC Both Good & Bad
I was born & raised in NYC. During the time I grew up there is was a GREAT place to live &...
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