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Love it!
Star Rating - 3/21/2013
My husband and I move to Salem, MA from Long Island NY five years ago and we love it! We kept on visiting for Halloween and we just decided to move here for the hell of it. This town has a real sense of community, awesome town life and a mixed crowd of people. It's located about 1 - 1.5 hours from the White Mountains, 30 min. from Boston. The cost of living is cheeper than NY, so we love it, but it is still above the national average. The only thing I'll say about Salem is that most people work in Boston, which the town does have a commuter rail access to and from, but it's a bit of a trek. Also, I'm not too fond of the community in New England. Salem is almost a whole 'nother world in comparison to the rest of the New England area. Folks up here tend to act too conservative for the likes of New Yorkers. But that's a small cost to live in a great City!
Eva | Salem, MA
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As a local of Salem I would have to disagree with the cost of living here ... It's Expensive for what you get, old houses with NO yards ! The traffic is terrible ALL the time and the school system is just as bad ! In fact the school were designated some of the worst in the state a few years back. There is no real sense of community for the locals it's mainly about the income the tourists can bring into this city. Parking is ridiculous, the roads are terrible and if you don't like crowds then stay away from June thru November.
Marlana | Salem, MA | Report Abuse
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