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Horrible place for a Family
Star Rating - 3/1/2016
I've been in Salem, Massachusetts for a year now because it brought me up here for my husband's job. Salem may be a great place to visit during Halloween but other than that it's a horrible place to live especially if you have children. The schools here are less than par. Just read the review ratings on Salem public schools. The parking here is atrocious and Salem police do not monitor peoples parking here. You can drive down any two-way street in Salem and sometimes not be able to get down because people are parked all over the streets where they are not allowed to park. They park on sidewalks and on curbs. The roads here are horrible do not plan on bringing a nice car up here because it will be ruined within a year. people here do not even follow road signs they're basically allowed to do whatever they want to do and I've never seen a police pull one over yet. And last but not least The city does not take care of it streets or it's parks or anything it is a trashy city with underdeveloped properties and dilapidated properties .
Leila | Salem, MA
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I just want to reply to this post as another person who moved with a young family to Salem a year ago. We have had a wonderful experience here so far with the community, the people, the schools, etc. The quality of the teachers in the elementary school my daughter attends seems excellent. She is learning, thriving and making excellent friends. We enjoy living near public beaches, a world-class museum (The Peabody Essex), a vital downtown with farmers markets, live music, and great restaurants. Our kids take swim lessons at the local Y, enjoy excellent programming at the local library and museum, and enjoy the many playgrounds and beaches. There are many young families and a lively and positive community. Please don't let the above negative post dissuade your family from considering Salem for your family! Come for a day and walk around to get a sense of the city.
Jessica | Salem, MA | Report Abuse

Long time resident I agree with you. Traffic is terrible all the time, the schools are some of the worst in the state and I don't think there is a great sense of community here and definitely not an all around great place for school age children! If you're looking to move to this area it would be worth your time to look at Dancets MA... Great place for families :))
Marlana | Salem, MA | Report Abuse

I could not agree more with the failing school system in Salem, the horrible roads, the extremely heavy traffic throughout the city and the lack of a deep rooted community ! Sure you have your locals wherever you go and there are some nice things about Salem but overall it is not a great place for a family !! If you're looking for a nice place to live with your family in this area check out Danvers MA.... Lots to offer !!
Marlana | Salem, MA | Report Abuse
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