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Lived here...not going to anymore! Bye!
Star Rating - 5/11/2019
I've lived in Colorado almost my entire life and it used to be so great. Now, that unfortunately has changed.

People keep moving here from other states (and they bring their snobby attitudes too!) causing traffic to be horrendous, the winters are harsh and the snow absolutely sucks. Not to mention the cost of living has sky rocketed to the point my friends and I are struggling just to make ends meet. There is no way in hell I'd pay over $900 for a tiny studio!

Sorry to say this but Colorado/Denver is overrated. That's the truth. Don't believe me?? Come here and see for yourself!

I'm in my mid thirties, single and I've made the decision to move elsewhere. I used to love Denver and Colorado and hoped I'd retire here...NOPE! That's no longer going to happen!

I grew up on the country side of Parker and had an amazing childhood there. I was very sad when I moved out and had to live in the Littleton area (which I absolutely hate). However, when I go back to visit Parker once every few months, I am more depressed than ever to see how much it has changed and how the empty field that existed back in the 90s is now filled with houses, roads and other crap. Yeah, I no longer miss Parker because of how much it's changed. People keep moving here, destroying it with houses, roads, businesses, etc.

Yep, sorry Colorado! You used to be a gorgeous and wonderful state to live in. Not anymore.

I'll be getting the hell out as soon as I can!

And for those of you who want to move to Colorado, I laugh! You might regret it. WILL regret it all! If you enjoy horrendous Los Angeles-like traffic, overcrowding, paying ridiculous prices for housing, brutal cold weather in the winter and snobbish attitudes, I highly recommend coming to Colorado.
Niki | Littleton, CO
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Don't forget to mention the traffic lights...They don't seem to be in sync or timed at all, which causes even more traffic accidents/frustration! Insane mountain traffic on and off the roads on the weekends. People everywhere all the time. Almost everything here is much more expensive then just 5 years ago, not just rent and home purchases...I am moving out of here this week, I feel you!!
Jeff | Golden, CO

J, it doesn't matter where I decide to move to. That's none of your business or anyone else's. You think ONE person - me - is going to "change" the place I decide to move to?? Um...not really. There's one of me, not 500,000 or more like what Colorado has suffered! Nice try! One person will not change anything.
Niki | Littleton, CO

Just think, you’ll soon be one of those newcomers trying to change the place you’re moving to into the place you moved from wherever you decide to go. Don’t be part of the problem.
J |

Just think, you’ll soon be one of those newcomers trying to change the place you’re moving to into the place you moved from wherever you decide to go. Don’t be part of the problem.
J |

So true! I just moved out a few weeks ago to one of the most beautiful communities in the USA that is priced 50% less than Denver and has dramatic topography and excellent boating with 3 big rivers and green hills and white cliffs. ( no Rockies but who wants to drive 9 hours roundtrip to get there & Back ? ) I moved to Denver in 2001 and by 2017 I was fed up- it became a whole different city altogether, with some of the biggest a-holes in the USA. Stuck-up, snotty, phony, plastic and full of sh--t. I am so happy to be out of that rathole ( literally, huge rat problem-google it! ) But I was grateful about real estate values because I cashed out of my house , got a windfall and split! BEST decision I ever made!
Steve | Denver, CO
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