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colorado sucks
Star Rating - 1/3/2018
Landlocked. Nearest beach is very far away.
Brown. Nothing is green for half of the year.
The high altitude and dry weather can reak havoc on your skin and body.
Unpredictable weather -- can be hard to plan things.
Mediocre Mexican food
Tract housing galore
Traffic can be brutal at times
Roads are very poorly designed and businesses lack proper enter/exit areas
Tailgating. You're not in the fast lane and driving 10 MPH over the speed limit, yet someone just has to be on your bumper.
Very small backyards in many areas (lack of privacy)
Sleepy cities. Even for its size, Denver isn't very happening.
Yuppies. Wow, I've seen a lot of 'em.
Sausage fest. I like women.
While people are generally friendly on the surface, they tend to be standoffish and reserved. This is a fairly common complaint.
wyomingrancher#307 | Glenrock, WY
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I have live here all my life. I love the weather, the activities available( skiing hiking, camping, etc) and the wide opens spaces. I live in Colorado Springs and it is pretty open politically, religiously,culturally,and sexually Denver being the only place more liberal. The only bad thing is the people that move here from other places that want to make it just like home. I don’t have and interest in “New” California, Washington, or Texas!
Anne | Colorado Springs, CO | Report Abuse

This is the most honest review I've read about Colorado. Thank you. I've lived here since 2016. This is 100% accurate. This state is beautiful, but the people are sheltered and it's overrated. If they're were not such snobby people, then it would make for a much better state, but unfortunately, the people here are too focused on appearances and money, i.e. superficiality.
Dawn | Colorado Springs, CO | Report Abuse balance this BAD REVIEW THAT Mr. Whomingrancher#307 left... Agree on the poor roads (EXPECIALLY in Pueblo)- Can tear a Car up DO NOT TRY A "LOW RIDER"...Ha...4 Real ! "But, there are Women here & lack of Real Men"- "Alot of Driver's seem should not have passed the test & got a license or also "some over a age still having one"-So agree on that note ! "Chinese & Italian food a plus but, haven't yet tried Mexican but, feel sure PUEBLO has that down-pat"! "AGREE ON LACK OF PRIVACY UNLESS, YOU LIVE OUTSIDE CITIES & APTS & SUBDIVISIONS". "NOT MUCH WATER, LAKES BUT, THERE IS TWO LAKES I KNOW OF W/A BEACH & SWIMMING ALLOWED maybe more farther up in my valleys". Oh, & Yea, grab some lotion..this place can be hard on your for the Dirt Devil's in the East & South of PUEBLO (keep windows up in car if trying to eat while driving or you got a Dirt burger)- But, "I hear, Colorado's got the BEST MARYJ IN THE USA" . AS FAR AS HOSPITAL CARE only "know" PARKVIEW hospital will take best care of you possible & their food is THE BOMB for Hospital/school food- (Give Dietary a "A" & I have lived in Several States saying that)!!! Sorry "Saint Mary Corwin's" have not been there to rate .
Holly | Ordway, CO | Report Abuse

Okay as a native to this state I'm going to correct some things about your review. 1- of course were far from the nearest beach... were a mountain state in the middle of the country.. 2- the altitude, if your not used to like co natives will bother you, but its because you aren't so thats why it bothered you 3- we dont have summer weather all year round, so of course its not gonna be green all year around. We happen to get winds, cold weather and snow. Not saying all of your review isn't true, but those parts were irrelevant to it. I am a true co native, born and raised 24 years, and i hate this state but its for reasons you didn't mention.
Jamie | Lafayette, CO | Report Abuse

And 4- all states serve mediocre Mexican food lol
Jamie | Lafayette, CO | Report Abuse
- 10/5/2020
Think Twice Please
I've lived here since 1996 [when I was 9] and have to say it used to be a five-star state....
Andrew | Colorado Springs, CO | 1 Reply

- 8/8/2019
Colorado is Awedome
I’m from Oklahoma and I absolutely love Colorado!!!! I plan on moving around the Castle Ro...
Joshua | Eufaula, OK | 2 Replies

- 5/31/2019
Outsiders ruined this state for me (A NATIVE)
I am a colorado native. I was born here and have lived here 24 years. I used to love it he...
Jamie | Lafayette, CO | 6 Replies

- 9/19/2016
way too expensive you guys are crazy
I love it ! I get to wake up every morning at 5 Am and eat soup ! I get live in a box by ...
joe | Santa Teresa, NM | No Replies

- 2/22/2016
Great place to live
Wonderful climate, great economy, jobs, property values and the mountains are close by...
Gino | Aurora, CO | No Replies

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