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Undiscovered Gem
Star Rating - 2/11/2017
So much culture, either completely free or very low cost, and of a quality that you would expect in a much larger city. Major food city, James Beard award winners every year, crossroads of cuisine types. Huge theater scene. Botanical Garden one of top 3 in the world. It just goes on and on. Many lovely neighborhoods in the city and in the inner ring suburbs. People are SO friendly. Inexpensive. What's not to love?
Amy | University City, MO
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do you have a fetish for CRIME
carnicero | Gainesville, MO
- 4/28/2019
St. Louis : A Renaissance City
St. Louis is a city on the brink of becoming great again. I’ve been a resident of St. Loui...
Trevor | St. Louis, MO | No Replies

- 7/27/2016
ST Louis is The worst place to live. EVER!!!!!!!!!
ST Louis is The worst place to live, especially if you have young children. Your children...
Brit | Fenton, MO | 3 Replies

- 4/13/2015
St. Louis City
Best kept secret. Incredibly affordable and accessable. Beautiful neighborhoods with tree ...
J | Saint Louis, MO | 1 Reply

- 11/4/2014
Saint Louis
Saint Louis sucks for black people. Yes, a lot of places sucks for black people, but Saint...
Michelle | Saint Louis, MO | 1 Reply

- 11/1/2014
The St. Louis METRO area is not No 1 in crime
The St. Louis METRO area is not #1 in crime, not even close. Crime stats are being reporte...
Sam | Saint Louis, MO | 1 Reply

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