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It's Not Worth It!!!
Star Rating - 6/17/2007
I live in Weston. The associations are outrageous to deal with! Want to paint your house the same color it already is? Pay the association $75.00 and fill out the forms so they can hold a meeting and decide if you can. This is just to paint it the same color. Want to have relatives visit from out of town? That's alright, as long as they can all park in your drive way. Because they don't allow parking on the street overnight. Even if it is in front of your house. Rains too much and mushrooms sprout up in your yard? Expect a not so nice note on your door that very morning. Weston advertises that is your hometown. Well.... Weston backwards is Notsew. Don't move here unless you want every bit of your life governed and have to pay to get permission for everything. I know quite a few people in the town and they all feel that the associations have gotten out of hand.
Abhd | Weston, FL
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Weston is the worse place to live, especially on Pine Hurst Drive. It is not fit for a decent and comfortable lifestyle. The place is beautiful but the residents are a bit of a pit. What a shock when I moved there. The home owners association (HOA)members and residents are racist bastards, very vicious, conniving, unfriendly, disrespectful and down right dishonest, especially, a deaf-eared old man name Jay. The neighbors are constantly having parties and playing lewd and loud music on weekends way past 1:00AM which is so disturbing with no security regulations. The HOA members parade around your house when you are not there looking for every debris, every spot on the fence, every rat bat and lizard shit, every leaf on the roof top, every weed in the garden, and then stick crude notes under your door to clean up. As a home owner - you have no rights at all not even to paint your house, plant anything thing you like, or fix anything externally without the home owners approval. They might approve or disapprove depending on your race. Another thing - the noise from the golfers in the early morning is intolerable and you will wake up finding golf balls in your backyard - next thing your window is broken and you are not compensated. Not to mention, the workmen in the service industry - they are the biggest con-artists in the USA and no regulations to protect the consumers. This is not an intelligent community and living among these people make you feel you as if your life has been totally diminished. These people in Weston are really the venomous snakes - they are so nasty and dirty. I was shocked - did not know that people like these existed in today's world.
Choolin | Weston, FL
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