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More Cons than Pros, actually, no pros
Star Rating - 5/2/2021
I have lived in Loveland 40 years.
Where to start? It would take all day to really go into detail so I will just say NO NO NO!
It was nice once, now it is not, please find another place.

It is housing costs are ridiculous if you can find anything, it is overcrowded, traffic is bad, There are over 30 round-a-bouts that most can't seem to figure out how to use (not hard).

There is nothing for younger people to do except go to other cities for entertainment.

One thing I will go into is the homeless problem. People think they are going to have a nice stroll through on of our many nature areas or parks only to find many homeless folks (some in the act of having sex), tents, trash, needles, condoms, and poop. The city's response? Place trash dumpsters and port a potties in the these areas. Well, that will sure make the homeless want to move on wont it? Instead of helping these people they just make it easier for them to live in these areas that tax payers pay for but can't use safely.

I am looking to move out after spending most of my life here. I loved it once, I HATE it now. I titled this More Cons than Pros because what once was a Pro has been destroyed by those who have moved here in the last 5 years wanting to be Mr and Mrs Nature Lover. They are pooping (literally) all over the Rocky Mountains and leaving it. They are trampling the terrain, polluting the waters and very much disrespecting nature in general. They don't know not to approach wildlife (or most likely just don't care that they are not supposed to) and the poor animal pays with its life. DISGUSTING !

B | Loveland, CO
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Negative reviews are from residents who dont want you to move there. Ha!
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