Review of San Diego, California

San Diego: America’s Finest Underwhelming City
Star Rating - 9/16/2018
Overrated city that settles for mediocrity.

Junior varsity restaurants, nightlife, airport, people, shopping, and pro sports town. Completely unsophisticated city with shallow people who are uninspiring and easily offended.

Major homeless problem, city looks dated, poor infrastructure (potholes everywhere), police understaffed (voicemail when you call dispatchers, helicopters called in after crime committed because not enough street presence). Conservative mindset that is resistant to change and any improvement to the City.

Even the weather is overrated—chilly from December to March; 100 degrees with no breeze possible in August and September; too cold to go in the ocean 8 months of the year.

Very unsophisticated populace with no dress code enforcement, dogs permitted in many restaurants. Vastly overrated city that is underwhelming in almost every aspect.
Mike | Miami, FL
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Include in above under poor infrastructure: frequent water main breaks, South County and even Del Mar raw sewage ocean spills. Add to overrated weather: May Gray/June gloom. From Pacific Beach and south to the border (half the county)—douche bro culture with 9 month ungroomed beards, tats and wallet chains. Overrun with Zonies (Arizona) during the summer, contributing to the growing traffic mess. Real classy place San Diego—nothing more than a glorified Whittier on the water
Mike | Miami, FL
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