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St. Louis : A Renaissance City
Star Rating - 4/28/2019
St. Louis is a city on the brink of becoming great again. I’ve been a resident of St. Louis since 2001, living just about every where (North County, St. Charles, South County), but now make my home in the beautiful Benton Park neighborhood of the City of St. Louis. The city gets a bad wrap for crime, but people fail to realize that crime happens everywhere! The media sensationalism is ridiculous. I feel safe, my wife and 2 daughters feel safe. In relation to violent crime, if you go looking for trouble, you’ll probably find it.

St. Louis has ton of free cultural things to do, with more amenities being built as we speak. It’s a great place to raise a family in that regard. Schools are ok, better if you can get your child into a magnet school, if you live in the City. My philosophy on schools is that teachers don’t show up daily to not teach children. There is a degree of learning that has to happen at home to make your child successful, so I don’t typically fall into the “school ratings” crap.

The job market is great here. There is a growing tech scene. Foodies will enjoy it here. Housing is plentiful and affordable to buy or rent. Beautiful brick!

Don’t fall into the trap of believing what the media says about this great town. Plan a trip or move your family here. You’ll love it!
Trevor | St. Louis, MO
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