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Very Underrated... but maybe that's a GOOD thing?
Star Rating - 7/5/2018
As another reviewer posted earlier...

This city DOES remind me of a "young" Dallas... what with the Uptown, NoDa, Dilworth neighborhoods and the VERY impressive Light Rail. This city impresses me with it's walkability and urbanity as well as being fairly "clean" much like Minneapolis, MN actually. This is suprising b/c most cities of those sizes(and bigger) are not as aesthetically "pretty" and CLEAN too, which is a big draw for some! (it is for me)

More of a "southern" feel and less of that wannabe feel you might get in the Southwest.

PLUS, it's the banking (or 2nd behind NYC) capital of the US.
Justin | Nashville, TN
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Charlotte can really improve on the walkability and urbanity as you say is good here. I know they are working to get better, but they can't seem to stop spreading the Suburbs and learn how to build Urban. Charlotte has a problem of trying to be everything instead on being one thing good. The problem is stated in our logo "Charlotte's got a lot". It's a blanket statement. I believe urban is the way to go. And if that is the direction of Charlotte THEN BE THAT with everything Charlotte builds from this day forward.
Chris | Charlotte, NC | Report Abuse
- 12/10/2022
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Susana | Charlotte, NC | 1 Reply

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