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Atlanta getting worse
Star Rating - 7/7/2019
I have lived in Atlanta for 30 years and plan to leave soon. Atlanta was good when I first came here but has declined into an over-crowded, hyper-fast-paced, expensive, congested nightmare. People are rushing everywhere. They are stressed out, rushing to get somewhere fast. The frustration index in high, and people seem increasingly angry about the declining livability here. On the positive side, business is bustling, and the job market is very good. Lots of job opportunities for professionals and high tech. But it all comes with a price. Real estate prices have skyrocketed, and many people have to keep moving farther out to find affordable prices, so commutes are horrendous, and businesses do not know what telecommute means. I’ve had enough and am looking forward to getting out.
Jewel | Duluth, GA
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Try L.A. Then you'll find out that atlanta is heaven in all respect . I visited atlanta and loved it . I have siblings there . from roads to costs of living . Real estate and much more. last year more than half a million Californians have moved out the crime rate here probably more than anywhere else in America most of the gangs residing in California so go figure we have more homeless than anywhere else in America I'm not saying Atlanta is the best place to live in the country but what I have witnessed and experienced it's it's a plus
Bruce | Beverly Hills, CA | Report Abuse

That is the conundrum of ATLANTA. Great opportunities, but have to FIGHT traffic daily....2 to hrs a day x 5 days a week=10 UNPAID hrs per week sitting in car fighting traffic to get back and forth. The traffic congestion in ATL dictates your whole life.
Damon | Pine Hills, FL | Report Abuse

I agree. Atlanta has a very bad housing disparity, car insurance is unregulated.
George | Duluth, GA | Report Abuse

"It's getting worse" everywhere. Atlanta and other major US cities are seeing the same things. It's just not's the economic decline America is going through. Inflation, stress, poverty, overworked people, stagnant wages is what causing so much stress in the life of Americans. If you move to LA, NYC, Chicago, Dallas, etc. The same thing. Smaller mid size cities are even experiencing the same things. Atlanta is getting more crowded because people are moving there for jobs from places that are even worse
Kris | Tulsa, OK | Report Abuse

True! Affordable 20 years ago but expensive now. I do think this places locks culture. It boring to live here. Traffic it’s horrendous and lots of close minded people in both ends. The large portion. Of native tgat have never left the state further then NC or SC or Alabama nd Florida. Obese and unhealthy people are abundant here. I live in N Fulton is nice but changing. Atl it’s moving here and I’ve. Crime and drugs in schools like never before.
Ma | Milton, GA | Report Abuse

Where are you moving?
S | Harlem, NY | Report Abuse
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No reason to be here any longer
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Don't do it.
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Have you people completely lost your minds??
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I sold all of my things and moved out.
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Too many people, overpopulated, worst traffic ever
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Hot, rude, ordinary, inconvenient
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Laura | Atlanta, GA | 3 Replies

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