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Extreme unfriendliness and passive-aggressive cult
Star Rating - 3/22/2016
Read what Wikipedia has to say about passive-aggressive behavior and you'll understand WA in general and Bellevue in particular. If you're a loner and want to stay that way, WA is for you. If, however, you want to make friends or even have a real conversation with someone, look somewhere else.
Do not believe the hype about the vibrant economy. I believe WA-based companies get a tax break for opening up job orders.
WA is more passive-aggressive and unfriendly than HI.

The weather in Fall, Spring, Winter is great. Summers are difficult... The daily highs aren't reached until 8 PM so, the weather forecasts always under-estimate how hot it really gets here. 100F at 8 PM is not pleasant.
Bp | San Francisco, CA
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You "know" better how friendliness works because it looks like you're from S.F. which I personally don't know anyone even playing with the idea of moving there... Let me tell you this: Bellevue WA is one of the friendliest places in our country; people are open to meeting new people (also it ranked among first 10 best places to date, if that matters) and nobody is "excluded", if that matters...
Robert | Bellevue, WA | Report Abuse
- 11/4/2019
Bellevue is absolutely amazing! Great for professionals and families! Many amenities in th...
J | Seattle, WA | No Replies

- 1/17/2018
Best place to live, period!
I became a Bellevue resident twelve years ago after moving from Germany; I never lived any...
Robert | Bellevue, WA | No Replies

- 9/4/2017
Gorgeous place to live with a lot of recreation
I've lived in many different places in the U.S., and I loved Bellevue. Gorgeous mid-sized ...
Jenevieve | Pearland, TX | No Replies

- 5/24/2013
Bellevue, Washington
I've watched Bellevue grow up from a sleepy town to a beautiful city over the past 30 year...
Mamie | Medina, WA | 1 Reply

- 11/27/2010
Great city, if you're OK with Northwest weather
I've lived in Bellevue for 15+ yrs and overall it's great. It is expensive, but if you ca...
Jeff | Bellevue, WA | No Replies

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