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Do a lot of research before moving here!
Star Rating - 5/6/2019
If you are considering moving to Denver because you think it's the "promised land" please read this review and others like it before moving. I have lived in and around the surrounding Denver area for 8 years now. The incredibly dramatic change just in the last 5 years has overall not been for the better. The traffic here is unreal, it usually runs 7 days a week and the city just cannot handle the amount of people on its roads. It makes everything so much more difficult, outside of a couple mile radius from your home. The smallest infraction on the freeway can set you back hours in delays, as well as in the mountains. The cost of everything is very expensive, especially home ownership and renting for a landlocked city, where the median income is around $51k and average house cost is closer to $500k, sometimes for a below average home. Just going out to enjoy a restaurant or movie becomes a task that sucks the joy right out of it. Crime goes up every year overall, 16th street mall smells of weed and piss, homeless are EVERYWHERE! The insurance costs for home and auto are some of the highest in the nation due to storms and the obscene amount of accidents that occur yearly. People are typically rude and unfriendly, much more friendly even 5 years ago. If you enjoy mountain activity be prepared to sit in hours of traffic, going up and coming down. The trails are packed with people and so are the mountains for skiing and snowboarding. Overall it is in my opinion that Denver is just not worth the cost and struggle just to enjoy everyday life. I read one review on here where someone likened living in Denver to "doing time", I would say that has become fairly accurate. Denver has turned into a smaller L.A. There are pros to living here but I think the cons now greatly outweigh them. I am gladly making my escape from it permanently in a week. I will not share where I am going, as I do not want the same thing to happen there. Hope this helps!
Jeff | Golden, CO
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Update: I have been moved out of Denver now for almost two weeks and I love it! My stress level has dropped significantly! I have moved to a bigger city, that has a lower cost of living, housing is about half the cost of Denver, rents are very affordable. Traffic is much, much more tolerable because the city was built to withstand large amounts of people. On average, people tend to be much more friendly and welcoming. Weather is much better, no winter, no snow. It is hot in the summer but its dry heat. If you are thinking about getting out of Denver, DO IT!! There are many much better places to live!
Jeff | Golden, CO

Lift tickets at the major resorts haven't been $30 or less in over 30 years. If you wanna live someplace that lags 30-40 years behind Colorado, try Wyoming or North Dakota. Good luck finding a job outside the oil patch, though.
ChuckT | Fort Collins, CO

I just moved out after 18 years and I wake up grateful every day that I am out of there! I had conned myself into thinking it was a much better city than it actually was ( and became ) but now that I live in a beautiful , green , uncrowded area with lovely waterways and clean air, I don't miss Denver a bit. True, there are worse cities, but for the cost and the stress ( and the frightened, anti-social residents ) it's just not worth it. So many better places in the USA, at half the cost and way better quality of life.
Steve | Denver, CO

I am a 57 year old native of denver and I can tell you that this place has turned to sh*t and I really miss the days of no I-70 mountain traffic, $30 lift tickets, affordable housing, very little I-25 traffic and almost zero I-25 traffic when the Broncos played at home and basically 2 major highways; I-70 and I-25. Now there are 7. Back in the day, the rest of the country made fun of us, calling us a cowtown. Now all those people who made fun of us have moved here and have ruined the city. Thanks for that. Traffic is horrendous, drivers are rude, people running red lights is a common as people smoking weed while they drive (and running that red light) accidents are everywhere, the smog is back in full force. they had cleaned it up in the 80's and 90's but so much for that. The city is aesthetically unpleasing to me. No green trees and shrubbery in the winter, no water, lots of dirty gravel roads, tons of urban sprawl with a few pockets of cool architecture and street planning here and there. But mostly urban sprawl. The cost of housing is embarrassing for a land locked city with cold winters and snow. It is a progressive city with culture and art and music and museums and such so that's a plus. But it's just no worth it to me. Yes those mountains are pretty cool. But who cares if it takes you 6 hours there and back to explore them. Rivers are full of fly fisherman that have caught the same trout over and over. The ski slopes and lift lines? HAH! The hiking trails? HAH! The trail to Hanging Lakes is being destroyed faster than you can save "leave it alone!". The mountains basically don't exist to me anymore since getting there on a weekend (friday early morning thru sunday late) is not worth the 2 years it takes off my life from stress and the 6 hours taken out of my day for what once was a 3 hour round trip. Do yourself a favor, don't move here. I left literally a week ago to greener pastures, warmer weather, bays and oceans, cheap housing, culture and a city with a 3rd of the population of denver but with all the brew pubs and coffee shops and hipness Denver has.
Scott | Denver, CO

You know that experience where you do to Disney world and you stand in line for 45 minutes for a 15 minute ride? That’s the Colorado experience. Everything feels artificial and you spend hours waiting to do something because everyone else is in line too
Summer | Aurora, CO
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