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Worst place in America
Star Rating - 5/16/2016
This has to be the absolute worst place to live in America. The climate is horrible, along with the majority of the people. I can't believe that I lived there for so long. I went from living in the worst city, to living in the best city in America. The best city being San Diego, with the best climate, and where the majority of the people are polite and friendly.I am currently in Miami visiting my mother, and I can't wait to return to civilization. You will be hard pressed to find anyone that speaks english in Miami. I here people bad mouth Mexicans a lot, but at least the Mexicans in California speak english and try to assimilate to the American way of life. Miami is actually an embarrassment to the United States. Miami is simply pathetic. I feel very sorry for the good people that live there.Good luck Miamians,because you really need it.
Antonio | ,
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This has to be a joke post. Referring to San Diego as the best place to live in America is when I knew for sure that this post was insincere and meant to garner a response. San Diego is horrible on so many levels that it's impossible to describe in one post. It's an oddball mix of very snooty on interesting unfriendly money money money that live in the beach towns like La Jolla and the rest is some sort of post-apocalyptic wasteland. If you're single and you've been out in Miami or New York at night and have some idea what nightlife really means, you could never say with a straight face that San Diego has good nightlife. There's also a very oddball military vibe going on there that just doesn't fit. ubur conservative, PTSD military types. They're all over the place down here. There are naval and army bases everywhere in the San Diego area and the retirees from the military just love this place. Cities with a large military presence both active and retired is a turnoff. Strange disaffected personalities that I personally am not drawn to. This a ton of other stuff bad about San Diego to. I could go on about the crushing traffic and the other poor quality of life issues but the one that stands out the most is it probably is in the top five most expensive cities to live in the United States but there's absolutely no rationale to spending $4500 a month for a one-bedroom apartment to be one block from the beach. Another misnomer that has been played up over the years and might have been true 30 to 40 years ago but not today is the girls. To compare the girls in San Diego with the girls in Miami/South Beach Miami is ridiculous. Now if you're a married 45-year-old with two kids this point will have no relevance to you put to any of the single guys out there reading this, Miami has hands-down the most beautiful women in the United States. Now mind you, you need to have some money to live well in Miami same as you do anywhere else but if you can afford a condominium in South Beach and you like going out at night you can have a seven night a week nightlife until 5 o'clock in the morning. Not saying you're going to want to do that but it's there. San Diego has the feel of an old dying military town. After 12 AM everything dies even the not so great bars in the gaslight district. Another advantage to Miami and one that people don't necessarily consider or know about is that Miami has several facets of water life that are interesting and fun. It's not just the Atlantic Ocean but also the bays and inlets and canals and the intercoastal waterway's. You can take your boat along the intercoastal from Miami all the way up for 100 miles from Miami all the way up north. The intercoastal is buttressed on both sides by land and their arrest runs and bars that you can stop at along the way to eat and drink and have a good time. Try doing that in San Diego. San Diego beaches like the rest of the California are one-dimensional. It's the ocean and that's it. California is one big desert that stops abruptly at the Pacific Ocean so you don't have the same degree of water life/nightlife/fun that you do in the waters around Miami Fort Lauderdale. You'll see hundreds and hundreds of jet skis out every day along the beaches and intercoastal waterway's in Miami. You'll see people waterskiing and sailing and power boating. You can fish take a day trip in your boat over to the Bahamas digest are 1001 things to do on and with the water in South Florida that you simply can't do in Southern California. You own a boat in Miami you drive around in a circle for half an hour and you come back. The water is too cold to swim in most of the year and if you want to go to a destination you're stuck with one singular place to go and that's Catalina Island which is way way off from San Diego probably 70 miles away but that's it. So if you're a boater and like water sports forget about it this just no comparison. So in summary girls, nightlife, water activities, Miami hands-down.
edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

I don't know about Miami, but I do know about San Diego. Once moved there from San Francisco. Got tired of the cold, wet climate in 'frisco, and other than the parks and the Bay, it's a city of concrete. Wow, was San Diego different. Not in a good way either. Spent most of my time in O.B., but in general, this is what you will find in S.D. and the adjacent towns.....snobbish, pretentious people who are totally unfriendly. You will be lucky if they even talk to you. Or unlucky, as the case may be, because for a lot of them, it's all about money and looking good. Had a friend who lived there. He went to a party, and guy comes up and says "Nice shirt. I USED to own that shirt". What an odd thing to say. I told my friend he should gave taken the shirt off right and said "Oh? Would you like it back?" Jar heads are everywhere you look, and they can be very aggressive and rude. Really, this is not a nice city. I thought people wouldn't talk to me because I had a Southern accent. Some people don't like Southerners (and we don't like them, but that's another story). But nooooo. I was in a Savannah cafe, and the waitress, who had zero Southern accent, said no one would talk to her either, so she moved back to Savannah. If you aren't in their social circle and looking sharp (as in square), then you're invisible. The only thing I liked about the area were the fish tacos and Dog Beach. It was a hoot to fall asleep on the beach and wake up w/ a dog licking your face!
steve | Albuquerque, NM | Report Abuse

San Diego better compared to Miami?...what a joke...San Diego is better if you like homeless, military, unsophisticated populace, ungroomed populace (9 month beards, tats, no dress code enforcement whatsoever), mediocre restaurants, mediocre nightlife, chillier winters, state income tax, less modern architecture, military town that gets invaded by Zonies over the summer.
Mike | Miami, FL | Report Abuse
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