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Sacramento, best place to live in California.
Star Rating - 3/26/2019
I've lived in Sacramento since 1989. I used to live in the S.F. Bay Area. Never regretted making the move. We have glorious seasons. Summer can be hot, but we've discovered air conditioning...LOL..... It's never humid! Great family communities surround our fair city. I love living here, and it's getting better every day. Good people. Less pretentious than the snobs of L.A. and S.F.
Frank | Florin, CA
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It seems expensive now, any areas surrounding Austin you recommend? I'm in Sac and it's now a booming city, but I can't stand Ca laws. I can't build my car the way I want it, guns, etc.
jake | Sacramento, CA | Report Abuse

I live in a town called Lodi, with under 70k people, and am getting ready to move to Sacramento in the fall because I have limited options for fun in my town. I visit Sacramento about once a week, sometimes more or less, because I can't find fun in Stockton, the nearest big city to my town. The people in my town and in Stockton are more miserable and aloof than in Sacramento, and most places in California, including SF and LA, because there's nothing to do, no nightlife, no good bike trails or other outdoor activities, too many McDonald's, hence more junk food and tv time and a higher obesity rate. And the people in my town are just dead inside.
Zach | Lodi, CA | Report Abuse
- 1/30/2020
is this the symbol of our state?
The city is very mixed. I will start off by saying it has some excellent historical and ed...
Matt | Redwood City, CA | No Replies

- 7/13/2019
Bit of a downer...
I'm 21 years old and I've lived in Sac my whole life. I have always enjoyed the K-12 schoo...
Garrett | Rosemont, CA | No Replies

- 10/9/2016
The Real Scoop
I am a native-born who lived in Sacramento from the mid-1960’ s to 2005, left for 10 years...
C | Sacramento, CA | 2 Replies

- 4/20/2016
Hi, My husband and I may be locating to Sacramento he is getting transferred from work. H...
Petra | Palm Bay, FL | 6 Replies

- 3/19/2016
Lots of Lovely Trees...But the Crime....
My family and I moved to Sacramento CA. (the Arden/Arcade area) about 11 years ago because...
Jeanie | Sacramento, CA | 1 Reply

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