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Star Rating - 10/3/2020
This is so sad for me to write. I'm a native, been here since the 70s. Denver was a hidden gem for years, until the legalization of pot.
After pot became legal it brought in all kinds of trash from all over the world. You smell pot everywhere, in your neighborhood, going out to dinner, in the industrial parts of town, even in the Parks! The median income of Denver is $50,000 but yet the average price of a home is over $600,000. How in the world can anyone afford to live here anymore? That's why the homelessness has quadrupled in the last few years! Homeless are setting up tents in the downtown area on city property but the city flushes them out and they end up pitching their tents on neighborhood Lawns without permission. It's so disgusting,
with their feces, needles, and trash all over the sidewalks and alleyways and in your driveways! And they are mean and have a sense of entitlement! The riots and the protesting the summer have damaged most of the downtown buildings by people throwing rocks into the windows and spray painting!
A lot of Floridians, Texans The Californians have moved here and driven up the cost of living and pushing out us Denverites. I live in a one bedroom apartment that is 568 square feet and I pay $1,560 a month for rent, with no covered parking! It's great to live here if you make $200,000 a year, but if you're the average Jo Scmoe making $60,000 a year, it's a struggle! So sad and disheartening.

Kim | Dakota Ridge, CO
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You’re not a Native if you’ve been there since the 70s. Please...poser.
G | Depoe Bay, OR | Report Abuse

I don’t think you’re a native if you’ve only been in Denver since the 70s, considering your parents/family is presumably from somewhere else. If out of state people are ruining everything, then your family was ruining everything at one point as well.
P | Littleton, CO | Report Abuse
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