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Star Rating - 1/23/2016
Am looking forward to retiring in Prescott in approx 1 yr. and would like as much info as possible re. housing and climate. Want to get away from the chronic drought and congestion of So California which is a nightmare. Looking forward to a safe, friendly community that allows for working on my photography and long walks with my dog.

Andrea | Glendale, CA
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I moved from California to Prescott four years ago. I love the place so much I almost hesitate to talk about it in public for fear that half of California will move here. Let me say three things: (1) It's NOT California in any way, shape, or form -- landscape, climate, politics, government, freedoms -- so if you love CA, I'd suggest staying there; (2) If you are considering moving to this area, come visit; you'll find a city that is really alive, in an old-fashioned way; (3) we are not without our problems, but they're different problems from those in CA. For example, water is a perennial issue, but the govt is not oppressive about it. Wildfire up in the forest area (where I live) is a threat that must be faced for about a month and a half every year. BTW, I lived in Alameda for 17 years, where the temperature rarely left the range of 35-85. Here, we get snow, with winter temps down in the teens or even lower, although that lasts only for a month or less. Summer temps can get up into the 90s, but that's also for less than a month. Oh, BTW, the people are, by and large, super... Best of success as you decide.
Jim | Prescott, AZ | Report Abuse
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