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Creepy white straight men and damaged women
Star Rating - 4/8/2021
Denver has become full of the creepiest, anti social, anti masculine, physically and mentally effeminate, rude selfish type of straight white nerdy techs men who spend their free time jerking off their little penises in the corners of their rooms because they can never get laid, like creepy leg humping dogs and being unable to figure out why women hate them

These men are terrified of everyone yet go out of their way to act very passive aggressive toward other men and then run away.

I’m white and very professionally well dressed and pretty fit and every time I try to come in my building these scared, no muscle mass at all (not even asmuch muscle as a rock climber or mtn. biker etc) to the point of either anorexia or obesity, so called men slam the front door and run away from me. I had to call my building management and tell them that I am seriously worried about the possibility of the other men in this building calling the cops on me

If this is how they react to a fellow white man I am deeply worried about the safety of the one black man who lives in my building not to mention the few remaining black peoples who live in denver overall

Most of the women who are moving to denver are seriously damaged goods regardless of their race. You might be able to handle them if you are an experienced therapist but do you really want to feel like you are dating one of your most severely screwed up patients?

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