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All this review tells us is that you worry about a bunch of ideological shit that doesn't matter. Why should we care what happened to the natives or slaves over a century ago? The U.S. in general was an extremely different culture back then. You also just sound very prejudiced against religious groups. Anyone moving to Texas for the more religious or conservative culture has no reason to care about anything you just said aside from the drug, crime, and homeless rates. Frankly, I don't even think centrists, libertarians, or anyone else to the right of progressive has reason to take you seriously. Also, you do sound like you come from the West coast, or at least the great lakes region. Something about those cultures just seem to breed a ton of arrogant dipshits who think anyone outside their little bubbles like to lynch people for fun.
Joel | Lancaster, NY | Report Abuse

Just as any US city or country, Waco has its’ own share of moral sins. Yes, the Huaco natives were removed illegally from their lands. Yes, slavery dominated at one time & racism still runs amuck. But both Native American History & Slavery are blights on all of America not just Waco. Also, you spoke of lynchings, The Waco Horror is a supremely notable catalyst for the civil rights movement. However, I have not heard of any other lynchings in recent times. If you are speaking of the Byrd murder, then note that was in a different town. Also, Koresh was in a neighboring town not exactly in Waco. Waco was & is the largest city near these smaller towns (not the suburbs). Which is why these incidents have been affiliated to Waco. Anyway, as for the homelessness, drug heads & poverty, Yes we do have our share but not anymore so than other metropolitan areas like Austin, Dallas or etc. However, the volume is much lower. Lastly, Yes, Waco is the buckle of the Bible Belt. We love GOD & mostly depend on faith to get us through the difficult trying times of the modern day. But that is not to say that we are intolerant or judgemental of others that do not practice Christianity or any other religion. We are proud of our city and the growth that is happening in it. Growth from past & currents sins is still palpable. Do not trash our city. We invite you to help make Waco better. Better by running for office or supporting your favored candidate. Please, Vote! Vote! Vote!!
Shannon | Waco, TX | Report Abuse

Waco Texas has a rich history. The Huaco Indians like all Indians lost their land. It was history. Right or wrong. Waco offers Baylor University, Texas Rangers Hall of fame, Texas High School Hall of fame, largest urban lake in Texas, and the Brazos River. Chip and Joanne Gaines have done so much for Waco and is getting better every year. Low traffic, moderate crime, great eateries and lots of cute shops downtown. As for Ann? Run is good advice for you. Run back to your west coast tree huggin liberal yahoos. You'll be right at home. Sic'Em ?? s!!! God bless Texas!!!
John | Hewitt, TX | Report Abuse
- 9/2/2020
Waco Texas.. The Place To Be!!
Best city in Texas when you count traffic, housing cost, eateries, Baylor Bear sports, lar...
John | Hewitt, TX | No Replies

- 10/13/2018
Bald Eagle gets no love from COW.soon displaced!
i was raised in waco tx and recently moved to country to get away from the drama and crime...
robin | Mount Calm, TX | 2 Replies

- 7/24/2017
Janice Rounsville
Waco is on my wish list to move to. Weather is comparable to So. California. Beautiful p...
Janice | Yucaipa, CA | 3 Replies

- 10/10/2016
Welcome to Waco
Waco has much to offer regardless of age or income. Relocate to Waco. ...
State Farm | Woodway, TX | 2 Replies

- 8/12/2016
Nyc to waco
Moving from new york city to waco with a 3 year old. Any input abt the city ll be greatly ...
Noreen | Huntington, NY | 1 Reply

- 4/11/2014
Raised in Queens, Nyc: lived in Los Angeles, NJ, H
Looking to relocate? The truth is I never thought I would ever live in Waco, TX. I would ...
Nyc2Ca | Waco, TX | 1 Reply

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