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Austin lover getting a little tired of exclusionar
Star Rating - 9/25/2006
On this site, there are several complaints of "too liberal" or "liberals stay out," or complaints that "liberals are ruining the great state of Texas." I guess this is someone's idea of southern hospitality. Be hospitable as long as you have the same political views. My own experiences with Austin have been just the opposite, with warm reception from every side, and even though I was born in Southern California, I was never made to feel like a carpetbagger. The people are wonderful, the city is beautiful, and the summers go on forever (if you can take the heat). To out of state visitors, be prepared for real southern flavor from every corner, and if you let them know its appreciated, they'll increase it tenfold. From what I've seen, the majority of Texans are courteous people who welcome you into their state to take a load off and enjoy the scenery. The xenophobes in some of these posts are an exception.
frank | Grass Valley, CA
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- 9/6/2020
Doesn't live up to the hype
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- 9/6/2020
'The Truman Show' w/High Taxes & Hot Summers
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Fake woke city with typical southern slave wages
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Liberals, Looks Nice, White People
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Hopeful but Still a Bit Overrated
I'm pretty torn about Austin. On one hand, people are casually polite and courteous but on...
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- 5/4/2020
Homeless skyrocketing Traffic, everythin Expensive
I've lived in this City for 2 years with my wife, moving from cold cloudy Boston in sunny ...
Kristopher | Austin, TX | 1 Reply

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