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Star Rating - 9/2/2018
Not a fan of this place at all. There has never really been a time I was visiting here for anything good. Let's say I almost got murdered here twice, the place is scary and post apocalyptic is the best way I can describe it. I am happy I will never have to set foot in this city ever again. If your white not to be racist stay as far away from here as you can and if you ever do end up here for any reason not of your own choosing I hope and pray you live to see tomorrow. That is how bad and scary this place is.
Wesley | Holt, MI
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Strongly disagree, I live in a wondeful Downtown Detroit neighborhood designed by world famous father of modern architeture.. Mies Van Der Rohe. Lived here for 15 years, great neighbors, all types, totally accepting, downtown, to which we walk is really becoming wonderful, great restaurants, theaters, parks, bike paths,,, belle isle, the countries largest city island park is incredible..midtown is great, expanding, lofts, stores, restaurants, bars.. Crime is an issue in many city neighborhoods still though,, living in downtown and midtown near the water is wonderful,, i personally have never had a crime incident and I walk /run 4 miles daily..this city is coming back very nicely though,, there was, and is, alot if work to do in some city neighborhoods many suburban areas are very nice also.. love the 5 minute proximity to Canada also.
Will | Detroit, MI

Detroit has many neighborhoods. Some really nice and some you just stay away from. It is in transition and the downtown area is great. Core City area is up and coming. Around Wayne University very good. Take a closer look at Detroit. There are lot of hustlers here too. Be careful.
Alan | Carlsbad, CA

You're from Holt!! Lmao! It's always someone from a desolate place that comes to a city and complains. Probably because you don't get much action from your area. You're probably not a fan of any place with a lot people and diversity. ANd then you say not to be racist....that's the most racist thing to say! You should definitely stay in Holt and never come back, because we definitely need less people like you in Detroit.
Cold | Redford, MI
- 1/27/2020
The city squandered its great potential
Lived in the city through the 60s and 70s and 80s and still have family there so I'm back ...
greg | Dearborn Heights, MI | No Replies

- 12/10/2019
Detroit is a Great city that needs to build!
I've lived in Detroit my entire 26 years of living, this city is rich with history and ha...
Davonte | Detroit, MI | No Replies

- 11/6/2019
Detroit - Strong City
Lots of things to do, there is always events to go to. Great job opportunities. Lots of la...
J | Brighton, MI | 1 Reply

- 6/26/2019
Great people, not a lot of jobs
I live in Detroit (transplant from the Northland) and love a lot of things about the city,...
David | Detroit, MI | 1 Reply

- 11/20/2018
Married with Children
With the exception of two years, I have lived in Detroit for 12 years. I have had challeng...
Sean | Detroit, MI | No Replies

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