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This place actually does suck
Star Rating - 9/10/2019
So I wrote a review 3 months ago about this place and now im about to move away. Looking back, I would say that I was awful generous about this place. This town just plain out sucks and here are a few reasons why:

1) Not much of a working class. Most of the people in this town are either retired, a student, or on welfare. The people working jobs usually make minimum wage. There are not very many good paying jobs in this place. Its quite depressing interacting with people who got it rough or people who just dont give a crap. Greensboro is way too far behind in terms of keeping up with the modern times and no employers are coming here.

2) Very crappy infrastructure. Old roads, roads that are too small to hold all the SUVs and trucks, outdated speed limit signs, turn lanes that point to nowhere, no public buses in some spots, etc. Not sure if its the lack of tax dollars or what, but everything feels very old.

3) Speaking of old, the housing here are terrible. Many of the apartments here are very cheap but most dont even have a washer dryer and most landlords dont give a crap. Anything decent is overpriced for what the average income is here, it just makes no sense at all. Houses start at 200k for garbage made right out of home depot and are located out in the middle of nowhere.

4) Food here is awful. Not sure why people are raving but its mostly burgers, cheap chinese and crappy italian. This places doesnt even have a Publix and the new one they are building is closer to high point which is about 30 min. Not to mention the service here is terrible. Nobody gives a crap about their job and you have to beg people to try to do anything.

5) Boring as hell and not much to do here. Went to the civil rights museum and that was cool but that was the only interesting thing here. Science museum is nothing special and minor league sports suck. Colleges are boring even though A&T is okay but not for me. Went to the bog garden once and that was neat but pretty forgettable. Country park was so so, cool history but very sleepy place. Thats really all there is to do in Greensboro for fun, nothing here is remotely exciting.

6) Last point since I dont want to ramble forever but 2 things worth mentioning. First is that Moses Cone is one of the worst hospitals on the planet. At moses cone I waited 8 hours just to be sent home with pills. 8 hours at an ER is pathetic. Their doctors like everything else here could careless about you. Went to see a doctor at Lebauer and that was million times better but its laughable that Moses Cone gets all these high remarks yet its one of the worst Medical Systems I been to in my life and I been to at least a dozen.

Second thing is that UNCG sucks balls. Place is a ghost town all the time and I feel bad for anyone who wastes money to go there. Seems like a commuter college that is barely a step above community college. I went to a college like that as an undergrad and it seems awful. Lots of money so you can go work in retail anyway.

Overall dont move to Greensboro. This place sucks for all ages. Not sure who on earth likes being here but this place is super backwards. Its not much different than the rest of the south and outside of cost of living, which doesnt equal good quality of life, I dont see what redeeming qualities this place has.
mike | Greensboro, NC
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I absolutely agree with this. I had the unfortunate reason to relocate here from Charlotte less than 10 months ago. It is absolutely terrible. When the lease is up next summer moving to Florida. The people here are extremely slow and incompetent at most places visited. The town looks run down and old with homeless ppl at every intersection. The so called nice area of town is very small and not even that modern looking. The drivers are clueless and terrible and really seem to be confused with what to do on the roads on top of always driving extremely slow. I could go on but most people will figure it out with experience.
Kevin | Charlotte, NC
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