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Over it and Outta here
Star Rating - 9/25/2020
I've lived in the Capitol Hill neighborhood since March 2017. I'll be moving out of Denver within the year. Look, this isn't going to be a positive review, so if you want affirmations about your choice to move here, look elsewhere. I'm trying not to **** on the place, but it's gone way down hill, even during my short stay.

1) Housing is insane- As of August the average house price in Denver Metro is now $600k, in Denver itself, the average home now costs $650k (September article by Westword). Don't think, "I'll just live in the suburbs." The discount is barely noticeable unless you commute from Nebraska. RTD is some of the most expensive public transport in the country. Do yourself a favor and don't look at how much the house you're buying sold for five years ago. You'll feel like a chump.

2) Crime is way up (admittedly, it is everywhere). I used to feel very safe walking everywhere. I feel less and less so now. Part of what I used to enjoy about Denver was its walkability in its urban core.

3) Lack of leadership on homelessness. The homeless are everywhere and they've become more and more aggressive. The city doesn't care about them (the city doesn't care about anyone except real estate developers, to be frank). The cops just push their camps from neighborhood to neighborhood. City Council wants to raise taxes this year for more money for the homeless. No one knows how that money is supposed to be used. No one deserves this incompetence.

4) The city is dirty. There is trash everywhere. There are needles everywhere. Make sure your hep shots are up-to-date.

5) The city is filled with over-paid, do-nothing police. Forty percent of the city's budget goes to a police force which doesn't do anything. I've never seen such a bloated and ineffectual police department in a western city.
Patrick | Denver, CO
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Well Stated Patrick, I agree 100% ... Denver was a cool city 10 years ago with plenty of opportunities and affordable. The city is going to hell in a hand basket. A few of the suburbs like Arvada, Centennial, and High Ranch are still nice but they are very expensive.
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