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Star Rating - 12/15/2007
I was born and raised in chicago,IL which have all had it's pluses and minuses.But The Phoenix area is, by far, the worst city to live in. It is very dusty and dirty, overcrowded and terribly hot. The average I.Q. of the residents has to be under 100. Contractors never keep appointments; and when they do, half the time they do a poor job. Houses are not selling because many were bought by investors that don't even live here, and many residents cannot afford the subprime loans they took out. City services such as police and fire are seriously lacking. The average wait time in an emergency room is well over 6 hours because all the illegal aliens use it as their primary physician. Traffic is a nightmare. Drivers here are crazy and serious accidents occur routinely. 40% or more of the all drivers here are uninsured. People in Scottsdale (Snottsdale) are full of themselves. Culture? Fuhgettaboutit. Not happening here. There is very little public transportation. Many of the people working in retail cannot speak English. There are very few good ethnic restaurants. The public education system is one of the worst 5 in the country. There is a void of leadership from the top down, starting with the governor. Scorpions, black widows and snakes frequent many neighborhoods. The meth epidemic here is out of control. Phoenix is the divorce capital of the country. Young women emulate Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears. On top of that, there aren't even any pretty mountains, lakes or beaches to look at. Just dirty, brown desert landscape filled with smog. And the people. Oh my God, they are more rude than New York! Need I say more? I could go on and on. I am getting out of here as soon as possible and if you are smart, you will too!

steve | Hutto, TX
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The good: weather from late October through May 15th; decent shopping and colleges. The bad: no culture; the summers are horrid; snotty, angry people; I have lived a quite a few places and I've never met more cruel, nasty people in all my life; it also attracts the dumb and ignorant; overcrowded, poor wages (employers don't have to pay decent wages because if you don't want the job some yokel from Iowa just got off the bus and is willing to work for less just to be there.
Dave C | Texarkana, TX

Steve, Why in God's name would you steal my comments (see "Phoenix sucks", July 6,2007)? You actually had the nerve to copy my comments verbatim - word for word! What kind of creep would plagarize on a site like this? Can't you think for yourself dude? Jim from Chandler
Jim | Chandler, AZ

Lets see some real statistics on all of this. And I don't mean just one. I want to see several for each one. I hate to tell you this but houses aren't selling anywhere in the US, and if you haven't figured it out yet, its because we are having a huge money crises. DUH!!! And it's too bad so many Canadians and people from East of the Mississippi moved to AZ thinking they were going to make a new life without figuring out if they liked the heat first. Now they took out mortgages on homes they can't afford and instead of sucking it up, or selling at a loss, they get on boards like this and shoot down the culture, the people, and everything else. Apparently you don't know what culture is. There are more artists, theaters, museums, gardens, music, natural places, unbroken land, and the list goes on.. in AZ than there is in most any city/state in the US. Look it up. Check it out. We travel all year, and we can't run out of things to do in AZ no matter how hard we try. And no pretty mountains/lakes etc...Wow, you have no idea... leave your house once in a while, get a few pieces of lit from a website or from the info bureau. I am sure that people will be happy to see you go. People tend to get very tired of whiners. You get what you give. So you're just looking in a mirror, and when you think you're seeing the landscape, you're just seeing yourself staring back, and its just Narcissus.
Lesa | Middletown, CT

Sounds like parts of Florida especially the part about the illegals and services. Are you going back to Chicago?
Bp | Boca Raton, FL

Lesa, poor lesa, i agree with Steve or ahould i say Jim. Phoenix is a depressing place. Phoenix is a hot, dry, lifeless giant spread out burb, and downtown is a joke, it is not cosmopolitan in anyway, it is not a real city.
Nick | Canon City, CO
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