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Star Rating - 11/14/2019
Not for me. i hope you enjoy this: If you don't mind not having a backyard despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars your place cost to buy, don't mind living in 600 sq feet for $1400+, don't mind having to sit in hours of traffic to reach mountains that are hypothetically 30 minutes away, OR if you are liberal, or LGBTQ, or a weed smoker, or from California, or a partier, or a druggie, or a jobless activist, or if you are ok with crime even in the "best" most expensive suburbs, or ok with customer service without a smile or thank you, or ok with beggars, or ok with having to be as PC as possible to not risk getting punched or shot, or ok with unprovoked road rage, or ok with people disobeying basically all traffic laws, are ok with bikes scooters pedestrians and cars all on the same narrow parked car packed road, or ok with high possibility of your car being stolen anywhere within 10 miles of downtown, or ok with 'spanish speakers preferred' as a prerequisite for most jobs, or ok with people trying to normalize pedophilia and genital mutilation, or ok with people posting fake negative reviews on businesses because they don't agree with the owner's political stance, or if you're ok with not being able to trust your children will be safe short distances away from home, or ok with most views being other buildings, or ok with every attraction being packed and restaurants having waits, or ok with riding shoulder to shoulder on an overstuffed RTD bus, or ok with paying to park, or ok with it taking 45 minutes to go 5 miles, or ok with constant construction because the city can't keep up with growth, or ok with... you get it, then this might be the place for you.

Not me, see ya.
j | Denver, CO
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Wait, you seriously have a problem with having to pay to park? You sound extremely entitled. Welcome to the real world.
Bartholomew | Minneapolis, MN

I agree. It once attracted outdoor enthusiasts, who were willing to make less money and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Was once a great place to live but terrible place to make a living. It is no longer a great place to live and still a terrible place to make a living. Air quality is abysmal - commutes times are horrible. Good luck having time left over for the "outdoors."
j. | Denver, CO

P.S. I make the median income and my home is paid off, so I'm not complaining about housing prices. It is more about quality of life.
j. | Denver, CO

Most accurate review ever of Denver. I used to feel so blessed to live in one of the nicest neighborhoods but now it is a curse. Denver has lowered the bar across the board. RTD needs to cancel trains and buses every day because they can't find train operators that can pass a drug test. If you need to have the bar lower so you can make it - Denver is for you! We passed a law to forbid employees asking if you have been convicted of a crime - LOL - then everyone complains about the crime. It is so easy to see why a record number of Coloradans have left the state. We are out as soon as we don't have obligations here - total waste of life living in Denver with all the derelicts that have moved here to get high without getting hassled.
David | Denver, CO

I totally agree with your assessment of Denver. However, there is one more item I feel that you forgot. It has the worst medical system in the country. As a Kaiser member, the quality of care I received in the 8 years I spent in Colorado was abysmal. It is not a healthy place to live.
Michael | El Dorado Hills, CA
- 1/3/2020
Denver went to far left they are incurable.
If you want a liberal invested, homeless abundant, and pretentious filled place to live, D...
Logan | Denver, CO | 1 Reply

- 10/27/2019
Horrible place to live now. I grew up here and the rent is outrageous now and the wages ar...
Michael | Denver, CO | 2 Replies

- 9/24/2019
An Actual Review Not Just Angry Rambling.
Since most of the reviews on here are just angry ramblings about how they moved here in 19...
anonymous | Sylvania, OH | 3 Replies

- 9/20/2019
Transplants are evil
Let me tell you a little bit about the transplants. The people who are moving here are sho...
Yee | Denver, CO | 5 Replies

- 9/10/2019
Too many people
Lots of drugs and needles in parks and trails. Overpriced and traffic is crazy. We're movi...
Molly | Arvada, CO | No Replies

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