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Pretty racist place
Star Rating - 4/18/2019
I've lived here for most if my life, and the Hispanic populous is pretty racist towards blacks. Why? I have no idea, but they have a saying they tell their kids. "You can play in the mud but dont bring it in the house" meaning you can fuck them but no dating/marriage I seen Hispanics in san Antonio befriend blacks but when things get heated they quickly turned on them and called them the N word etc. Although most of the racist sistuations I've seen were generation X or older. With a 64% Hispanic population, and 6% black I'm very confused of the hatred. Be careful if you come and are not Hispanic.
Jacob | San Antonio, TX
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Whites are Superior. All the rest go in the /Dumpster
edmund | Spring Valley, NV

Whites are Superior. All the rest go in the /Dumpster
edmund | Spring Valley, NV

Jeff the blacks are only 12.6 percent of the American population...and only 6 percent the population in san antonio...I dont think there's as many "half breeds" as you think.
Jacob | San Antonio, TX

Racist? Clearly you havent seen al the hispanic hood rats with half breeds. The problem with San Antonio is they WORSHIP black and the thug trash lifestyle that comes with it. San Antonio sees all these other cities bowing down to blacks and caving into political correctness so they caved in too.
Jeff | San Antonio, TX
- 7/18/2019
It's ok. And that's about it
Lived here fro 11 years. It's ok. The crime rate is ridiculously low for such a large metr...
Larry | Albuquerque, NM | No Replies

- 6/24/2019
The city needs to fix this problem
It's a nice place, but seriously I can't even eat my food without homeless coming up to me...
Benjamin | Harrison, OH | No Replies

- 3/30/2019
San Antonio....Fat, Stupid People. Not Good
I read a review on here that reminded me of my situation and experience with San Antonio. ...
Andrew | Alpine, NJ | 4 Replies

- 3/17/2019
This Review is NOT Sugar Coated. Just Truth
San Antonio is not a city for professionals. Nepotism is the way this town is run. You hav...
John | Converse, TX | No Replies

- 3/2/2019
San Antonio, the town for transplants, not natives
My family and I are natives to San Antonio and have grown up here from the very beginning....
Lawson | San Antonio, TX | 1 Reply

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