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Star Rating - 10/27/2019
Horrible place to live now. I grew up here and the rent is outrageous now and the wages aren't going up as quick as we need to. I have a degree and have been working my job for 8 years and the raises aren't coming quick enough to keep up. I am a single father of two and it is a horrible place for kids. Homeless people everywhere almost on every corner. The governors here dont do anything people smoke crack and shoot up right on the streets now, or sneak into your back yards or alleyways. ITS FAR WORSE then LA here, which I lived for quite sometime. If you move to Colorado I would reccomend you move to Loveland or a skii town at least you will get your money's worth. They pay more in those towns and the houses/crime is much more lower. DENVER AND LAKEWOOD are horrible for kids way too over populated and no places have yards unless you are practically a millionaire here. DON'T MOVE HERE, IT SUCKS, I AM MOVING OUT OF THIS HELL HOLE ONE DAY SOON!!!!! F DENVER!! NOT A GOOD PLACE TO RAISE KIDS AT ALL!!!!!
Michael | Denver, CO
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Michael, this is not meant for therapy. If you are struggling in Denver, figure out how to get out and make it happen. Your review is completely biased due to your predicament! "The governors here don't do anything"... What are you talking about? There is one governor and he has nothing to do with Denver. Moving to a ski town would solve nothing -- more drugs per capita than Denver. If you move to Denver you need to understand which areas to stay away from -- North Lakewood, Cap Hill, LoDo, Baker and much of the West Side. Thornton, Arvada and Westminster are actually affordable and safe suburban communities. I hope if you can't get out of the state, you can find a place somewhere slightly outside of town that is safe. You might be surprised.
Eliot | Denver, CO

I agree. Denver is full of trashy dumb low brow selfish party people. However the ski towns are even worse. I’m moving back to the east coast soon and I suggest you give Boston a shot. East coast people aren’t mean they just aren’t passive aggressive and fake like most of the assholes who live in cities in other parts of the country these days.. Also boston is a great place to raise kids imo
Jesus |
- 11/14/2019
if you're ok with...
Not for me. i hope you enjoy this: If you don't mind not having a backyard despite the hun...
j | Denver, CO | 3 Replies

- 9/24/2019
An Actual Review Not Just Angry Rambling.
Since most of the reviews on here are just angry ramblings about how they moved here in 19...
anonymous | Sylvania, OH | 2 Replies

- 9/20/2019
Transplants are evil
Let me tell you a little bit about the transplants. The people who are moving here are sho...
Yee | Denver, CO | 4 Replies

- 9/10/2019
Too many people
Lots of drugs and needles in parks and trails. Overpriced and traffic is crazy. We're movi...
Molly | Arvada, CO | No Replies

- 8/12/2019
Left CO for VA and much happier
In all honesty, people's complaints about Denver are legit. I actually left May 29th, 2019...
Shannon | Amherst, VA | 1 Reply

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